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How Many "audible" Clicks To Wind A Kahr L Drum?

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My Kahr L Drum has two different click sounds that are hard to differentiate between each other. If you wind the drum key the 9 to 11 clicks that it says to, the drum doesn't work properly. I just spoke with Kahr and they told me that you count four audible clicks as "One True Click". If this is true why in the hell don't they say that in the instructions that come with the damn thing????


How many audible clicks do you wind your Kahr made L drums?


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Ignore the little "clicks." It is the loud "CLUNKS!" that you count.


Also, I think that one click (that counts) is 1/4 of a turn.




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Its a fairly easy job to fix the click problem.

-Remove the rotor

-examine the rivet heads on the inside back of the drum

-set the 4 rivets again to flatten them down

-then grind down the rivet heads some more

-assemble the drum and test the drum clicks

-when satisfied, reblue the rivet heads


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Before doing anything check that the cartridges slide freely through the guide rails inside.


4 clicks = 1 turn so you will need 36 clicks for 9 complete turns.

My Kahr L works great! (in a semi)


PK stated in a very early post that in adjusted drums they worked good in the 28, and were slow in the 21.

He also stated that he thought they might work in the 21 once they were run a while.

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