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D-day Museum In New Orleans

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I was glad to read this report. I was afraid there would be gangbangers roaming the streets with vintage Garands or even worse, dewatted TSMGs.


Think most of you will find this interesting.



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I have actually visited the D day museum in New Orleans last year.


Firstly, I have to say that it is a first class museum and I was very impressed,

The ground floor is basically the entrance with a display of tanks and landing craft and trucks together with WW2 aircraft suspended from the ceiling which is very high., plus a store where I purchased a great Thompson WW2 poster.

Every thing of real value is up stairs so I doubt that much would be damaged.

The guns were behind glass and were deativated,

I do not think you all have too much to worry about but I do hope it can be restored to full working order as it is a great reminder to the sacrifice made by our fathers and grand fathers.

Kind wishes and I will see you at the SAR show in december.





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