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Wtb: Wwii Manufacture M1 Recoil Spring

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Just recently took delivery of a Bridgeport/Savage TSMG M1 and would like to purchase some new recoil springs. I am looking for original, i.e. circa WWII, recoil springs that are unused. I would feel better about shooting this fine old weapon with a known new recoil spring because who knows how many rounds the original spring has on it. Does anyone here know who/where to go for new old stock M1 recoil springs? I do know want West Hurley or Kahr springs. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give!




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Glen Whitenburger on this board sells new manf. recoil springs and they are excellent quality. Watch the length and number of coils on the old springs. I have seen them vary greatly. BTW the M1 uses the same spring as the 1928.
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I got a m-1 spring, WWII looks unused and in nice shape, also a Kahr front sight I wouldn't mind unloading-adlake
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