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Looking For Info / Discussion On Mp41

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Ended up with a MP41 to shoot with the M1 and now looking for addtional information, resouces, parts and discussion on the MP41.


Though would check with everyone here on who to contact, must have books and any small parts suppliers to check with, as have seen postings on German WWII NFA before - so hopefully not too far off topic.


Webpage with photos of MP41 along with the M1 TSMG


Thanks in advance from everyone.

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The MP-41 is covered in short detail in the following book:


"German Small Arms," by AJR Cormack, 1979 (I have one of these books for sale)




The weapon also has some interesting coverage in "Guns of the Reich," by George Markham, 1989.


It is also mentioned in "Small Arms of the World." I looked at the 1969 (9th) edition. There are 12 editions of this book that were published. (I have a couple of these books for sale)


It has 2 pages of coverage in "The World's Submachine Guns," by Thomas B. Nelson, 1963. This book includes some operational instruction.


It is covered with a picture and a short paragraph in "Infantry Weapons of WWII," by Ian Hogg, 1977.


It has a half page of coverage in "International Armament," by George B. Johnson and Hans Lockhoven, 1965. This book mentions some use of the weapon in the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto in April-May 1943, and also the Battle of the Bulge.


The weapon is mentioned briefly, and pictured in "Military Small Arms of the 20th Century," by Ian Hogg and John Weeks, 1977. There are seven editions of this book.


A paragraph of coverage exists in "Classic Weapons Series - The Schmeisser Submachine Gun," by Chris Ellis, 1999.


All the books together provide a handful of information on the weapon, with the gist being that it was probably used by police, and/or issued to German Allies, and made in very limited numbers. It is stated that the MP-41 was the only weapon that Hugo Schmeisser had any connection to, in that he designed it as a variant. The weapon was made by the Haenel Company in Suhl in 1941.


You said you were looking for books, and the references above were the only ones I found in my collection. If you find information anywhere else, please let me know. I'm always interested in knowing where the best information can be accessed. There appears to be very little written information on the weapon. Perhaps some additional resources exist on the web?


David Albert



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Thanks for the book reviews - e-mail sent.


Wonder how many MP41 transferables ever made it to the US or were built here from parts? Know of two others owned by the assorted subgun shooters in and around Indiana (one of the guys owns nearly a few of everything http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif


Well have to wander down to Knob Creek this weekend and see about getting parts, mags and info on the MP41 plus a rear sight and rivet for the M1 (has a bent wing) - assuming will pass on the L sight as appears to have been reworked, even though has the no-bolt stock.


Photos of "Bent Wing" M1



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I built myself a "pseudo" MP-41, using my Wilson Arms MP-40 as the basis for it. I bought an MP-41 parts set back when there were a few of them around. I was able to set things up so I can switch from MP-40 to MP-41 and back in seconds with just a screwdriver.


This left the barrel in MP-40 configuration, so I had a barrel made by Scott (or is it Paul?) Andrey that attached to the MP-40 receiver but is contoured to look as much like the MP-41 barrel as possible. He did an excellent job on the barrel, using the extra front sight parts from my parts set. It tales just a minute or two to change barrels.


The wooden stock on the MP-41 is much more comfortable to shoot with than the wobbly folder on the MP-40, but probably doesn't have the same "coolness factor".


Anyone know where to find an MP-41 sling?

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Just back from Knob Creek, had a great time http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


Even though could not make it Friday (still got a little trigger time in with Bren and BMG - with the dust once everyone starts to shoot, can hardly see the targets - one starts to understand why full auto was invented) look at few Thomsons (only WH and M1s left on the table at the end).


In answer to the question on slings, per one of the supplies, the sling on the MP41 is the same as a 98 (I think carbine - but at times hard to hear with all the gun fire).


Did find MP41 barrels, nice WWII stock, firing pins, extractor, mag loager and of course mags (was also a recoil / firing pin assembly for a MP40 also but have one spare already).



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