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Wtb Extractor & Oil Bottle

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I am looking for an original extractor to replace the Kahr factory extractor on my 1927. The only company I have found that lists the part is Gunparts/Numrich. I don't want to buy one from them, because I think I would get a WH left over.


Any good suppliers for an extractor and also a 1928 style oil bottle? Thanks


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A few years back when WH was still owned by Numrich, I ordered some 1911 parts from Numrich. I received parts that were made of cast metal, and would not take bluing. I had seen some of the WH 1911's at gunshows that were rough finished cast parts, and figured that I Numrich had just used parts from thier manufacturing facility.


My Kahr 1927 extractor has no maker's stamp, so I assumed the surplus extractors had dried up, and Kahr was forced to make new ones. I didn't want to order from Gunparts and end up with a new manufactured part. I will send an email to Gunparts before I order the part.


I found a oil bottle from a member of the board, so that is one less problem. Thanks for the help.


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