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Highligthing Receiver Markings

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Any recommendations on how to best accentuate the reciever markings? I'd like to highlight my M1 which is newly parked and the stampings are very light. I know Mike had told me he used a grease pen but I've been practicing on some torch cut parts and not getting the results I'd like.


All the markings on my DR dummy receiver are nicely highlighted but I don't know how he did it.



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You might try this:


Brownells Laquer stick


I used the white on my Glock slide, and was real pleased with the results.


Some say a bottle of white modelrs paint, but I found it got to be a real mess trying to wipe up the excess.


Another thing is a regular white crayon. Never tried this one.




ETA: You might also call Doug and ask what he used. I have spoken with him on the phone, and he is very helpful in answering questions. It is amazing the information Doug has on Thompsons.

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Right, the Brownell "Lacquer-Stik" is the way to go. Remember, after wiping off most of the excess, use a paper towel with a little mineral oil on it to wipe off the rest, if you try to wipe off without the oil, you will also remove most of the white from the letters as well. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif


MIke Hammer

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The one I have in front of me right now (white) is...





I also have a yellow one that I use. It takes a few swipes with the pen to get it right. I redid mine about 10 times before I was happy.

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I had good luck with a warm crayon, the trick is to leave the gun and crayon in a warm, not hot spot. say on top of the wife's oven after she gets done baking, just long enough they feel warm to the touch.


Just like when curing epoxy paint in the oven, you had better own the oven or have a good story.



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I just used the one crayon my daughter never uses, (the white one, because "What's the point of coloring it, if it's already white" she says... http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif ) -And pressed real hard. You can use your thumb nail to fill in the gaps, and then a good hard rub with a shop rag to get rid of the excess.


Worked real good on my gun, and I didn't even have to sell my liver to Brownells for one of their crayons...

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QUOTE (Barry @ Nov 6 2005, 11:34 PM)
Try liquid paper

Liquid paper? Is he trying to fix a typo? http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


White crayon works great. I did my whole Thompson well over a year ago now and it still looks fresh...


I'll have to try liquid paper now that it's in my head though... http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif

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