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5 Cell Pouch

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I am sorry but I don't have a digital camera at hand. It has the broad arrow in the back. No other manufacture markings. I felt like it was Australian. The fabric is different than the U.S. made ones that I have. The fabric is not as thick as the others I have.


I thought that some other members of the board would have one of these.


Thanks for the help.



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You have a British made piece of web gear. They made a lot of web gear for the US military, believe it or not, to avoid taking up room in the supply ships coming from the US for things the Brits couldn’t make themselves. Collecting it can be a hobby within itself…
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Hi, Sten Guy,

You have a piece of British made web gear provided under reverse lend lease or contracted for by the US. I'll bet that it's a khaki color. This was the same webbing used in making British P37 (Pattern 1937) web gear. I've only seen SMG pouches in this color. You'll see other items in the darker green P44 color and a color close to OD #7. I have several British made, US marked pouches that were provided for SMGs, some for first aid packets, and others for .30 carbine and M1911 magazines. All have maker and broad arrow markings. Some of the SMG pouches that I've seen even have provision on the back for attaching to a P37 web belt, which was not issued to US forces TTBOMK. I've never seen a five cell British made TSMG pouch, only three cell models for XXX magazines. They could be used with M3 magazines as well.

Your pouch isn't really much more rare or valuable than like US made items from the period.

Counting holes brass soldered closed are typical of British XX magazines. I understand that they did it to keep the sand out. I never did understand counting holes, anyway. When it stops shooting, it just might be empty!

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