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Pre 86 Ds M1a1

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Thinking of obtaining an advertised pre 86 M1A1 . It is marked BRIDGEPORT CONN USA on the right side receiver. THOMPSON SUBMACHINEGUN caliber .45 M1A1 on the left side. It is also marked RIA / FK ( Rock Island Armory / Frank K the foreman) telling me that this is an arsenal redo. Also marked GeG in a circle ( Civilian inspector GOLL for Auto Ordnance ) What is described as a flaming bomb over the FK ( Probably crossed cannons ) and an F stamped under the forearm. All this is pretty straightforward but it is not marked U.S.PROPERTY behind the sight or anywhere, this has me somewhat puzzled. Serial # unknown.

Any ideas of why this is not marked U.S. PROPERTY ? Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I ordered Franks book today.

The serial # on potential purchase is 323XXX that is all he would tell

also marked Interamerican Import Sacramento CA

RIA stamped on left side of reciever.

Any opinion on this gun and approximate manuf year?

Thanks again

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