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1928 Navy Overstamp

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I'm looking at buying/trading a local guy here for his 1928 Navy overstamp Thompson & was wondering what a good current price for one in nice condition is.


Hope it works out!


Thanks in advance (I've looked at subguns & sturmgewehr website with no luck). http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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I hope someone can update this but my best guess is around the upper 20s.

This is the "more collectable" of the 21s, and I have not seen many sold recently either.


If you get it, or see it again, post pics and info!

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"Nice condition" could mean anything. A true conservatively rated 90% Colt Navy with the correct actuator and Colt/Remington parts/wood in the current market would fetch anywhere from $30K-$40K. Depends on the accessories available that would influence where in that range the Navy would settle into.


Whether you take the auction prices that are confirmed, or the private party sales that are unconfirmed, Colt TSMG's have been achieving the $35K figure pretty frequently considering the few that come up for sale.


The figure isn't any more staggering than the news that WWII 1928 TSMG's are commanding $25K, and the WH version see $17K.

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Exactly! The WH price phenomenon, whether realized or hyperbole, is relatively new. But there haven't been enough Colt TSMG's for sale publicly over the last couple of months that reflect the recent WH inflation.


I would imagine that Colt TSMG prices will routinely be advertised above $40K by the Summer. Whether they achieve that figure may be as difficult to pin down as the WH's going for $17K.


But I also believe that the NFA dealers/private parties take their cues from these reported sales and price their TSMG's according to the hierarchy of Thompson collectability.

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QUOTE (Arthur Fliegenheimer @ Nov 7 2005, 11:09 AM)
I would imagine that Colt TSMG prices will routinely be advertised above $40K by the Summer.

That would put guns like my Savage 1928 in the upper 30's for sure!



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Of the Colt TSMG's I have managed to obtain asking prices for so far this year.

Throwing out the highest and lowest.


Average asking price $34,255 this year Vs $27,720 for full year 2004.

Median $33,000 this year vs $27,500 for full year 2004.

Mode is the same this year and last at $35k.


hope that helps.

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I'll just add that Ohio Ord sold a pretty nice '21 in an original hard case with a WWII drum and a couple early colt 20rd mags for $35K. The gun had a Colorado State Police property number on it but was otherwise in very good condition.


The 28 overstamp they have for sale at $30 K is also pretty good but there is some finish wear and a scratch on the left side. The gun has the proper 2 piece actuator and comes with a colt L drum. I thought the price was a little on the high side but most of the thompson experts that looked at the creek said it was about right. They mentioned that the overstamps are not in quite as much demand at the moment when compared to other 21's. I'm sure its a fluctuation of the market.


As to your friends gun you have to decide what he feels is fair too. I'd guess market range is $25-35K depending on normal variables.

Good luck





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