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Thompson Luger Pistol - American Rifleman

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I was just looking through the January issue of "American Rifleman," magazine and noticed an interesting item on page 30. Ever since Z3BigDaddy (Blaine) posted about buying a Model 1901 Colt revolver with a "J.T.T." for "John Taliaferro Thompson" inspector marking on it, my interest has piqued regarding J.T.T. inspector marked martial pistols.


The pistol pictured in the magazine is a 1900 Eagle Test Luger, with John Thompson's inspector stamp on the right hand side of the trigger housing.


I found the brief article on the subject by Bruce Canfield to be very informative, and thought others on the board might want to take a look at the feature in their own copies of the magazine.


Perhaps Murray Willis might have something to add on the subject, since he is a Luger aficionado.


David Albert


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