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1928 (ac) Price Check

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QUOTE (motorgun @ Jan 1 2006, 11:00 AM)
I was following this thread trying to decide what to pay for an all original 1928 savage that was reparked at one stage and then it went off to an MP40??????????

there is room for a mp-40 here. in fact when i met curtis earl in dec.71 fresh back from a flight from kadena airbase,yep went to go see m.g's first even before i went home to old chicago.curtis had a wall full of them..

and he tried to sell me a new bridgeport drum for $50.00 even tho didn't have a thompson yet.


the first letter i sent him when i was oversea's.was about buying a mp-40 and 1921a colt. i remember typing that thing on a typewriter that i typed order's for shipping shell's to danang,and assortment's of other equipment.


and really seen my first one over there...good time's { at least i can say that now that i'm back!}


the mp-40 is steeped in history. maybe a little less then the tommy because it was german made someplace else. and the thompson was made here.however plastic and folding stock's followed soon afterward on many...and mr.k. did like that little folder he put on some of his first ak-47's. stock look kinda familiar??


and who but the germans' wanted a gun to fire from a moving vehicle. glad you joined the group..

and by all means' get a 1928 /1921 and a mp-40 if you can afford it. part of history. and thats the first thing we should have set in stone. havea good 2006.T.C.ron

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QUOTE (SecondAmend @ Jan 1 2006, 11:36 AM)

Your '28 plus extras is an exceptionally low price. Far below regular market value even over a year ago.

Congratulations, for sure.

Was this a private sale?

Yes, it was a private sale on a form 4 in state.

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