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Santa Came A Little Late...

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Santa arrived in a FedEx truck today and didn't bother with the chimney, just came right to the front door. Left me with this little guy with an extra set of wood and a dozen 30 round mags.


Bridgeport M1 SN 25999x




He is joined here by his colleague Bridgeport M1 1095x




My wife calls them His and Hers.


The ATF cashed my check on Oct. 23 and signed of on it Dec. 9. Took another week and a half to get the paperwork back to the seller but it was the fastest transfer I've had done.


Its been a great year for me and Thompsons. Got to love this country!

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With the way she out shot you at the shoot last August, she does need her own! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/laugh.gif


Wait.....is that factory white lettering on that new gun!!??

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Thanks Guys,


But watch it Mike or I might not let you haul my mmo next year.


Phil, All I need is to leave those two alone and end up with an unregistered little Tommy. I keep them seperated by the WH 28.


Chris, We got to meet up at Select Fire and try the new toy out.


Dan, This M1 has a slimline pistol grip on it. Doesn't look like anything I've seen on WH's or military. Any chance its yours? I'll send you a closeup.



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all things are possible, but not likely, I haven't made that many M1A1 type grips, and none that I recall were single (that is not part of a set) grips and the rest of the wood definately is not mine. You'll have to take it off and look for a stamp, I'm guessing somebody just took some sandpaper to an original.
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Congrats on the fine addition and the quick transfer http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif You have a good looking family !


It's my understanding that the new ATF location/examiners have taken over the processing of transfers . Things are supposed to be happening much quicker .

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Love the pair! Very nice! Makes my 28 really want an M1 companion...!


Is the new one a M1A1 - it has the winged sight (Which I like the looks of better anyhow!)?


Merry Christmas!



PS certianly that IS factory white lettering..... http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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Every 28 should have an M1 companion. Easier to break down, easier to clean, easier to sight. Now to convince my wife they need an M1A1 (or 2) to even out the set.


This one is an M1. The SN and the protected sights are consistent with similar ones in AT II but admittedly the sight is loose like it has been re-riveted. It appears re-parked so maybe they replaced the sight at that point. It has the GEG proofs but no sign of arsenal rebuild proofs.


This one sat on Sturm for awhile with a 'price reduced' comment. I offered the guy even less than his asking with half up front, half on ATF approval. For a 500.00 compromise we had a deal.


I just have to say, with all humility and modesty, that I have taken posession of 2 M1s and 1 WH 28 in 2005 and my average price was 13.3k.


I just don't buy into this 'irrational exhuberance' pricing that everyone says is here to stay. The seller made more money then he expected I'm sure but I bet I could have squeezed him for a little more. He did offer to throw in 2000 rounds of ammo if I could pick it up.


I know, let's see how I do next year.









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