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Need Items For A Project

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Currently working on building a M1928A1 display Thompson with a prts kit from Cole Distributing and receiver from Philadelphia Ordnance. The receiver is at T&S Manufacturing being engraved. I am needing a couple of items by the time I get it back and send it off to PK for building. My parts kit came with a very nice bolt and extractor and I really hate to hacksaw it just to put in a dummy receiver. Does anyone out there have a well used, worn out bolt with extractor that they would let go at a cheap price? I know Sportman's guide has them pretty cheap but there again, I hate to cut up a nice bolt. Any help is appreciated.








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Just saw these advertised in "American Rifleman". It's a good price for a dummy 1928 A1


Rguns' Tommy page




Own a Piece of History

Thompson 1928 A1 Dummy Gun, Using all ORIGINAL WWII 1928A1 Parts (Gun also has orig. 20rd. mag. in new unused condition.)


Our Price: $775.00


They also have NOS Lyman sights for $275.00



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Thanks for the replies guys.


Phil, Sportsmans Guide has NOS stripped 28 bolts for $39.99 but I hate to cut up a nice one. I may make one as you suggested or see if PK has any suggestions. I bought a reproduction knurled 28 actuator from Doug R. which is made specifically for dummy receivers. As with all of Doug's stuff it is exactly like the real deal.


Hawkeye, I've seen their dummy guns and while they are nice the receivers are aluminum. Also, I picked up my Lyman adjustable sight at the MAX show in Charlotte for $200 and it was in near mint condition. The fellow I bought it from was English and he had about a dozen sitting on his table. He said he sells them on his website also at the same price. I'll try to locate the web address and post it for any interested.


Thanks again,


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"If you install the Richardson Bolt handle in the Firing postion, you wouldn't need to worry about having the Bolt shown."


Yes, that would work but I want the closed bolt rather than the open bolt. I'm picky I guess. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif




As for the Lyman sights they are at:


Ryton Arms

PO Box 2005

Scottsdale, AZ. 85252-2005

(480) 970-8795


email: afb@btconnect.com

website (UK): www.rytonarms.co.uk


He is located in the UK but also operates his business in the States.

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