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Thompsons And James Bond

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I happened to catch a few James Bond movies these past two days.


I was surprised to spot Thompsons being used in two of them.


The first was Diamonds are Forever. Felix Leiter and some men raid Willard White's house in Nevada. Several Thompsons (M1s it appeared) are seen and are used to shoot a sniper.


Next was Goldfinger, the greatest Bond movie and the top spy movie of all time. When Ft. Knox is being robbed by Goldfinger, the US Army shows up to defend, Thompsons in hand (and M1 carbines too). It appeared there was at least one 28, possibly Colt (tough to tell as I couldn't freeze frame).


What other Bond movies does a Tommy Gun make an appearance in?

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"The Man With The Golden Gun"-In Scaramanga's Hogan's Alley


"On Her Majesty's Secret Service"- Raiding party on the Piz Gloria- Actually, THE best Bond movie (even without Connery, best score, best plot, best ending)-

Best Bond chic Ursula Andress- Best gadget Bond-"Goldfinger"

Best Bond chic villain- "Thunderball"- Luciana Paluzzi


Best spy movie of all time: "Five Fingers"-Based on a real WWII character.

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And the grandfathers of today's terrorists were harmlessly diverted by the more important business of slitting each others' throats over skin bags of rancid camel milk out in the desert somewhere. All these problems began when we gave them real money for oil, and they learned how to buy airplane tickets.




That is the most cogent explanation I've read as to "how did we get here?"

Best, Z


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I saw a new one tonight!!! Thompson was on screen for less than 1/2 second.


From Russia With Love -- about 15 minutes into the movie, when Morzeny (Walter Gotell) is walking to meet Red Grant (Robert Shaw) at the KGB academy -- various types of weapons are being used in KGB training -- the last one seen is a 21 or 28 Thompson. Somebody with a DVD that can be frozen can get a better ID.

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