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Wtk: Pouches For 30-round Mags?

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I am looking for good quality magazine pouches to hold 30-round M1 Thompson mags. I plan to use these in the local CIII competitions. I see the reproduction ones available through www.ima-usa.com (item MU1630). Anyone here have one of these? If so, what is the quality like? If these aren’t so good, anyone have other recommendations? My only specification is that it must be a 3-cell mag pouch. It doesn’t have to be a WWII reproduction or anything like that. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give.




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I recently bought a three mag pouch from Gunparts, Inc. It looks a lot like the original but is of modern materials and construction. Quality is excellent. The problem with most reproductions is that they are a t-i-g-h-t fit for the magazines! With this one, mags are easily removed and replaced. Every cell has a snap and a velcro strip. I'd give you the part number but I'm not home at the moment (no comments, guys!). Good luck.
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Several years ago, I purchased a couple of Assault Systems three cell mag pouches from a local law enforcement supplier.


I don't know what they were designed to hold, but a thirty round T mag fits perfectly inside, with the top third of the mag exposed. A black web strap with a clip attached comes over the top of the mag and secures to the pouch.


Don't know if these are still being produced or not.

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