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Thompsons Parts

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I have a 1 1928a1 parts gun built on a dummy p/o steel receiver and 1 m1a1 built on a dummy p/o receiver.

the 1928a1 has a smooth barrel with compensator and has a blued finish the wood has been redone all parts are in the lower frame it dose not come with the bolt/actuator/buffer or spring.

the m1a1 has every part it with and is parkrized the wood also has been redone both are dummy guns.

I also have a lot of magazines 30 round differnt makes

and two 20 round magazines also have slings and pouchs. also have a lot of small parts to. If anyone is interested give me a call at (770) 904-5821.

e-mail dodgewc51@earthlink.net

Please call after 6:00 pm est but dont call after 11:00 pm

thank you

Daryl B Harris

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