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West Hurley .22 Thompsons Now C&r

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Perusing the ATFE's C&R sight I found this C& R listing "Auto Ordnance, Thompson Model 1928, .22 caliber machinegun in original configuration as manufactured at the West Hurley, NY facility between 1980 and 1981."

This may or may not be old news but I thought that some here would like to know.




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Yeah, that is a pretty well known fact around here but probably worth re-iterating since we always have new members. In fact, I thought I remember that a regular on this forum was responsible for writing the letters to the ATF and making it happen. Problem is... I cannot remember who it was!



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And now recently all WH THompson's are C&R-


Good news for those int eh C&R only states- the cost of a Thompson just went..... down!!!!!!!!! for them.


for a little while I guess

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