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Transfer Question

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I have a friend who called me the other night to tell me he had a friend pass away from a heart attack(he was only 59 ). He has a gun collection that his wife has contacted him about selling for her. One of the things in his collection is a Thompson, and he knows I have been looking for one, and he is not familiar with doing transfers on CL III.


My question is how she goes about filling out the paper work to start the transfer ?

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Assuming you are in the same state as the seller, here's what I have done that passed ATF muster. Since you are not inheriting by the will, the gun will transfer on a Form 4, with a $200 tax.


The decedent must have an estate open, and an executor/administrator that has qualified with the courts. The paperwork reflects that the gun is being transferred by the executor/adminstrator in that capacity. You need to submit a certified copy of the letter of qualification from the court, as well as a certified copy of the death certificate with the submission of the Form 4. Everything else remains the same, duplicate copies, pictures, fingerprint cards, citizenship certificate.


You will need to fill out the form using the instructions on the reverse, and complete the box showing the decedent's information.


If it is an out of state transfer, same thing to you dealer (no photo, fingerprint cards, etc.), followed by a standard transfer to you.



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I looked into this a while ago - found that Tman had done these types of transfers. Maybe he can fill is in....

But what TNKen said sounds correct indeed!

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I didn't include a copy of the death certificate or the court appointment and everything went thru OK. But the inclusion of these items wouldn't hurt. Good luck!!

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