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Wts Richardson Receiver Etc.

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After much soul searching and purely for personal financial reasons,

I have decided to offer my Doug Richardson M1 type semi-finished semi-auto receiver complete with Doug's white painted "original" Bridgeport markings, accompanying Kahr parts, blued Savage made M-1 barrel, M-1 trigger housing, Deerslayer Dan refinished set of wood, GI rear sight, plus more extras.

You can email me for details if you're interested.

I can supply references if you need them.

I want at least $1200. (for the parts, not the references).


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Okay, it's been about 4 days since I made my offer. So far two people emailed me, once, but no takers yet. Do you think I asked for too much?

Honestly, I believe I asked for just what I paid for everything.

The "receiver" with Doug's supplied engravings and necessary Kahr parts cost me $865, almost 3 years ago (April '03). I haven't talked with Doug

in a while, and don't know if he's selling them for more, or if he's even

able to make more, what with his eye problems.

I might be willing to sell the above separately, and offer the M-1 barrel,

trigger frame, Deerslayer Dan refinished wood set, GI rear sight(mint), etc,

individually, for what I paid for them.

Maybe nobody is interested, and/or doesn't have the money right now, or...

If I don't get a buyer, I may just wind up having the parts built into the semi-auto M-1 type Thompson I was hoping to have. It's mostly just a question of money. SOMEBODY is going to wind up with a beautiful looking semi-auto M-1 type Tommy. If it winds up being me, eventually,

I'll bring it to the following Thompson S&S so everyone can see it.


Your comments, please?


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My comments.... FWIW! This is from my gun show experience.


List the parts with a price for each one, or a package price for any packages.


This was discussed a while ago when we talked about gun shows. At the time I was clearing out my Dad's estate (he was a gunsmith) and had tons of stuff at each show- most of it wasn't priced yet (too much stuff!). At least half of the people would not even ask "how much?" if the stuff wasn't priced - they would just walk away. Not the poeole who didn't stop, but the people who stopped, looked at, and handled the stuff, just walked away. It has taken me 3 years of shows to get it all priced. Now at least they have a starting price to haggle, if they want to.


I am even interested in your Richardson reciever. But I wasn't gonna bother until I had at least a starting price. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif How much is it?


Again, this is just from my experience.... but I think it would help you sell out!

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Thanks, you guys. I appreciate your input. I guess my expectation is/was for someone who wanted everything needed to make a complete gun.

I'll have to figure out what I'll take for the receiver and the other parts, if I don't get someone who wants the whole package. (I'm still waiting on one person who emailed me asking what my best price would be for everything.)

Of course I'd rather sell everything to one person. They could either use all the parts to make a really great semi-auto Tommy, or sell off what they didn't need.

I'll post another reply soon, if I wind up offering the parts individually.

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Well, that person called me and decided to buy the whole package. So I won't need to sell the separate parts, as it turns out.

I told him how I have mixed emotions about giving it all up.

On one hand I need the money. And on the other hand, I was looking forward

to having as close to a real M-1 Thompson as possible. But I'm thankful for

you guys' counsel here on the Board.






And remember, it's receiver, spelled: r-e-c-e-i-v-e-r. ( i before e except after c ...)


And "et cetera" is etc. not ect. javascript:emoticon(':P')

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Actually, I have often times suspected myself of that condition.

It's why I've always had trouble sight reading music when I was still playing the trumpet in school and in the Army, and at home, and...


I understand being too concerned with details/perfectionism is one of the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome.


But that couldn't be me. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif

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