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1928 Thompson Barrel

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Im a wwii reenactor this is a blank firing barrel set up.

I was given a junked out 1928 thompson barrel that has had 1/4 of the threaded chamber

cut out-removed. It was bent a little and split open on the first five cooling fins and it has been cut in two, just behind the compensator threads then a 1/4" steel rod has been stuffed halfway though the barrel then tig welded.

next a 2" long steel pipe installed sliding it over the 1/4" pipe and it was welded to the original barrel and also to the 1/4" pipe at other end. Finally the threaded piece for the cutts was slid into place and welded and then it was turned in a lath to clean up the welds leaving it a little rough to tell that it was cut and welded. Total lenght 16"

legal. Screw a compensator on and you have a 1." nipple

left in front. Made a new walnut stock thats 10" instead of 8" add 2" length to the rear I took this set up to two local gun makers they said its a junk demilled barrel and not capable of firing a projectile.I was going to an out of state reenactment i wanted to be legal, ILL. does not allow SBR this looks like the real thing to a naked eye.

Then I took it out to the Ill. state police firing range

and had 4 master troopers check it out and they said its just a junked out demilled barrel also and that it could not shoot a projectile and that I will be fine. They also said it could be shorter please give me some feed back on this

it works great and I took with me and everone was amazed



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Huh? I lost you halfway through your description of the barrel. With all the modifications, obstructions, pipes, welds, nipples, etc. how does it shoot blanks?


Too bad you live in Illinois, where the Democrats are hell-bent on outlawing any type of firearm. Individual State Police Officers opinions on your barrel aren't case law or sound legal advice, neither is this forum.


I'm not sure what your question or point is with your post, but are you indicating that you have a Thompson that fires full-auto with a blanked barrel? Are you describing a semi-auto current manufacture Thompson that you modified to fire blanks?


Sorry to be so blunt on your first post, but I'm just not quite sure what you are describing or asking.

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yes it is a 1980 west hurly 1927a1 semi auto it fires 45acp blanks and works great I have joe swanson blanks that are pretty hot my semi auto 16" blank firing barrel set up kicks harder than my regular 16" ugly stick and there is twice as much flash i want to try to get a short barrel registration hope my local police chief will sign off Ill. is tough the governer is now talking pre ban for Ill.


I was wondering if i could shorten up this contraption

beings it could never be able shoot a projectile

I was hoping i could catch an atf person at the

state police firing range they are there from time to time

along with many others I live 1 mile from the range and do alot of contracting work there im an earthmover


o' yea

They have a colt 1921 thompson if they take it offsite they have to cut it up

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With all that junk welded up in the barrel, I'd be afraid that the thing would blow up in my face. Blanks can generate as much, if not more, PSI than live rounds so I would be very careful with this monster. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/unsure.gif


On another note, if the firearm can accept Swanson blanks, it will chamber a live round. Why don't you just blank adapt a standard barrel and still be able to shoot live rounds? Or you could do a quick change system and have a dedicated live and blank barrels.

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I was under the impression that you could not demill a barrel and once a barrel only a barrel. Is this the case? I posed the idea to fill the barrel with hardened rod for display and was told it would still be considered a "live" barrel. We ended up fabricating a sold dummy barrel on that one. I am also under the impression that if it passes gas or bullets and is under 16in it must be registered as a SBR. Any thoughts? Your help is greatly appreciated.




I like T-man's idea of the dedicated barrels...that's the way to go!




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This is a substitute for one that cannot have a SBR.

It was made for reenacting eliminating the long ugly not acceptable 16" barrel.

I like the quick change idea too and Im going to try and get acceptance for a real 10.5" Barrel wish me luck and if i do there no way i will drill the end out and tap it i will just have this one shortened by the way this is an old savage

barrel with the correct looking finns.


Remember I built a 2" longer walnut stock even has an s stamped in the end of it


here is an example if you had 10.5" barrel with compensator next to my barrel and compensator mine is almost one full length compensator longer then there is a

1.25"x 3/8" nipple or end of the barrel left over kind of like a toy gun with a red tip mine is not red left it metal but over all length is 16" this is well built and will not explode it is safer than a tapped barrel with plug i have ran 100+ round thru it this


in other words if you had a 1927-a5 13" barrel and inserted this steel pipe in to the barrel leaving 3" out weld it up then slide on your cutts and thread it on add a 10" horizontal stock all you are doing is adding barrel length

with out messing up your cutts. let me know what your thoughts are Damon

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  • 9 years later...

How did anyone with the Green Mountain 14.5" chrome moly steel barrel who welded on the Cutts compensator re-blue it? I'm cheap and don't want to take it to a gunsmith (but I might), I'm a do-it-yourselfer. I have the blued Auto Ordnance 1927A1 T1. Where and what kind (cold or hot) and brand of blueing? Where'd you purchase it?


And as far as welding on of the Cutts compensator, how do you weld it to the barrel without buldging it or damaging it?



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Reconbob makes a correct length (10-1/2") blanks-only barrel for exactly the purpose you are describing.

As I understand it, it can be installed without creating a SBR.


His is a proven product; you would be well served by contacting him.

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