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To Lyman Or Not

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I've got a 28 parts kit ( income tax refund) ordered and inbound that comes with a flat stamped rear sight and was wondering about the real Lyman sights. Are they worth the $300 that IMA and others are asking for them.

Never liked the cheap copy WH or Khar turned out on the 27's. It's only real use would be helping John Wane as I watch DVD's or inavertently scaring the neighbors when the better half leaves the blinds open and I don't realize and am doing dry fire drills pointed at the TV.




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I have found a few for under $300, more like $225 - $275 . No great deals.


I would ask how real do you want this to be? I had to have one, I had a Kahr at first, and as you said I didn't like it either. My gun's purpose is serving as part of a display of all of the different models, so the original sight was a must.


From 10 or more feet - the Kahr looks fine! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif

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I purchased a Lyman adjustable rear sight from Don Bell at:




for $200 at the last Knob Creek Show. I would describe it as fully functional and in good to very good condition. I have seen worse at a much higher price. It will look great on my 28 West Hurley someday. This is the best deal I have found on the Lyman adjustable.

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