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Shot Show?

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Called Kahr two days ago and asked about the C drums, they said April. I asked the big question, "is it designed for full auto use" and the nice young lady I talked to said "no" and then she volunteered that their L drum also was not designed for full auto use. I asked "why" but she didn't have any answer.



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Word is also that no A5's for a while (if ever) because they're so far behind filling orders on current-production models. Allegedly a several-MONTH backlog...


If they were so gee-golly-whiz-bang-CNC-machined-perfection as Kahr wants us to believe, the parts oughtta just be flying out of the mills and fit together perfectly, first time and every time.


SOURCE: http://www.shotshowreports.com/2006pg1.html


If you're into M1 carbines, though, they're doing the paratrooper version with folding stock now also. Why can't they just focus on their core business? Every machine diverted to carbines only exacerbates the Thompson delays and backlog... I'd like a new M1 (in each major version) as much as the next WW2-design gun collector, but not at the cost of FUBARing the Thompson line.

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