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C Drum Dump Video

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HAY-ZEUS!!! Uhhhhhh......not to pee-in-the-punch-bowl or anything.......but you DID see that barn and other structures behind you, Right?? Not my property and what do I know.....but......doesn't seem to allow much for error in your tangent focal plane there, which is a REAL issue with close-in use of optical sights, and especially with a cartridge with a 7500+ yd practical range......Hope there wasn't anything in the barn, or for 2 miles behind it, that mattered....


I'll just shut up now....... ;-(

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Safty...Abandoned farm place in the background, owned by the owner of the property we were shooting on. The country side is actually getting pretty scarce for people. Used to be four families in a 1 mile section, now you go a mile or two to find a home. Actually, its a good .50 cal range, angle is down hill, RR tie back stop, dirt behind it, level B road embankment beyond, big dirt hill cornfield after that. Only draw back is the range, about 125 yards max.


You may have noticed the flares on the ground beside the tank. You don't always get reliable ignition without the external fuel source.

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Amazing Dan, just Amazing!!


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