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This is my first post (so be gentle).

I am awaiting approval on a semi auto Thompson SBR & have a question on engraving. Where (on the rec) do you put your info? I rather not put it on the side, but more hidden if possible. Also the FAQ sez it doesn't always have to be on the receiver? any more info on this? TIA


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Speaking of "engraving"....who (besides Doug Richardson) does "quality" Thomson Display receiver-engraving of both M1/M1A1 series TSMGs and of the 1928A1 "Military" engraving as "Savage" did?


Just looking for someone to do a Phila-Ord receiver engraving at about 99% correct.....and need a good POC for this.


TIA, RichardS.


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Serial number has to be on the receiver but if you are doing a form 1 SBR than you used the number that was already there anyway didn't you? You can put the info on the bottom of the receiver but it can't legally be hidden under handguards, pistol grips or anything like that......



I can do engraving on the philly ord receiver. I have digitized the military 28A1, M1, M1A1 and 1921 markings left, right and top. Patent dates or numbers too.....Phil, Full auto 45 and first seargent can tell you what my 28A1 post sample looks like.....



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A form 1 conversion must be engraved on the ‘receiver, frame or barrel’. It must not be hidden by any attachments. I usually engrave on the bottom of the barrel within the first 1” aft of the sight boss. This position is the least objectionable (read: obvious) and goes away with the barrel if the gun is ever reverted.





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Can you also do the "bullet" logo?

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I sent you an e-mail with a couple of questions and asked if you could send over some clear-digital photos of the 1928A1 engraving for a "Savage-Military" Thompson and the photos of your engraving for an M1/M1A1 "Savage" Thompson that show style/font, and depth. (Need photos that show left-side, right-side, and top-receiver-markings that you can engrave)..........and prices?


I have looked at photos of T&S Mfg. ....and Phila-Org's photos and would like to compair your engravings with the others to see who I would like to go with.


You can send this information directly to me at my e-mail address:




Thank you for the help,



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FYI, I just received my Philadelphia Ord. display receiver back from the engraver (T&S Manufacturing). Sam at T&S does a hell of an engraving job as shown in the photos.


Hopefully, I be sending off everything to PK this week for final assembly/finishing. The dummy knurled actuator knob and buffer pilot came from Doug Richardson, another fine craftsman.









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That really looks nice!


Can you divulge the price you paid and contact info?



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That engraving of your 1928A1 Military Thompson by "Sam" looks good.......did you have to "special-order" that 80% receiver from Phila-Ord? ....or did you (or "Sam") remove the tool-markings prior to the engraving? (I ask this because the 80% receiver that I received has a lot of "fly-cut" markings over the major surfaces).


How did you or same get that surface to come out that well?


Last...I went to "Sam's" web-page for T&S Mfg. .......and can not find any 1928A1 engraving-prices......only the ones for his M1/M1A1 series engraving. What were the engraving costs?


Regards, RichardS.

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Richard S.,


The receiver came that way from Phila. Ordnance. Pretty clean job! Sam at T&S just did the engraving.


Sam doesn't have any prices listed for his 28 engraving but he charged me $225 at the time. The price may be more or less depending on what you need done. It took some time to get it back but I was in no hurry.






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