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Help With Identifying This "thompson" Smg

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I am trying to locate some information about a "Thompson" Submachine Gun with a round magazine, wood stock and front grip. I don’t know the date but it looked brand new in 1977 and was quick to take down and came stored in a brushed metal briefcase with foam packing. What caught my eye was a three-roller combination dial (like a suitcase lock) on the gun body near the trigger. This lock was not removable but was made into and as part of the gun, long before gun control issues were an issue. It was never fired only collected. It’s been a long time ago and I’m searching for this gun and would like any other information about it if anyone knows about these types of guns.
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I don't remember the name of this gun, (I think it may have been marketed as the "Fox Carbine"?) but it was a .45 ACP carbine that had the general appearance of a Thompson, but was in no way a close copy. This monstrosity was a good example of what happens when designers with no knowledge or experience with guns decide they can make a better mousetrap so to speak. The gun was targeted to police and security types and the bicycle lock on the trigger was supposed to be a big selling point - like only the people who knew the combination could shoot the gun. Another ridiculous feature was, if I remember correctly the word "THINK" (or some similar word) engraved on the tail of the receiver and filled in with red paint to remind you to, well, think, before you fired. I think it used Grease gun/M3 mags. I had a gun shop back in mid 1970's when these came out and I think we sold one or two of them. But the gun failed to sell, a big reason being the trigger lock. More trouble than it was worth - easily set if the dials were bumped in handling, and of course when you needed it most it had somehow locked. I don't think this carbine lasted more than a couple of years and it thankfully faded away.


My $0.02


Bob Bower/Philly O

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Welcome to the board.


The gun you are refering is the Demro TAC-1M or the Demro XF-7 Wasp.


I think you are refering to the TAC-1M. It resembled a Thompson.


I have a photo on my home computer (I think.) I will try to post it when I get back into town.


More info can be found at this link ---> Gun Page Link


Scroll down to Demro TAC-1M/XF-7 Wasp


I hope this helps,



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