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Thompsons Rule!

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One of our own new members, Beechnut, was the overall winner in a submachine gun shoot in North Texas this weekend. I showed up with my new WH 28 and found 2 other Tommygunners there, both with WH 28's also. Beechnut's gun is a Korean commemorative 28 that he thankfully retored to "normal," getting rid of the gold plating, medallions, etc. There were about a dozen other guys. One sten; the rest were modern smg's -- Uzi and MAC variants, plus an M16 and an AK47.


We had about six sets, and it was very low-key competiton -- a lot fun. Shooting paper plates, trying to avoid hitting "hostages," etc. When the smoke cleared, Beechnut came in first overall and first in the "Traditional" category -- Thompsons and the Sten. The other category was modern. It was interesting to note that we 3 Tommygunners did very well in comparison to the modern guys. If you had lumped both categories together, the 3 Thompsons probably would have been in the top six (I didn't keep close count.)


It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to the shoot.

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Mr. Thompson would be proud. Both that his weapon design won and that it has persevered so long. Congrats Beechnut!
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I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think a lot more can be said for trigger time than the weapon choice. Experience and training with the weapon is 90% of the effectiveness. This is why you can see a few silver haired highpower guys shooting John C Garand Matches with nearly stock GI Garands, and they still manage expert to master scores. I don't have any formal training, but I tend to aim at targets and shoot them. Rather than the "kill the hill" mentality I've seen in a lot of machinegunners.


I'm not knocking the weapon, the TSMG has some shining qualities that make it controllable and accurate. The weight is a plus for controllability, fortunately we didn't have to jump any fences in the match. The rate of fire is a plus for controllability. Personally the TSMG fits me well, length of pull are good, it points well. Downsides, the recoiling mass is large, the trigger is heavy, sights are bleh. I regretfully sprang for a Lyman sight, and am a little disappointed. http://drf.lart.net/guns/WH/clean/125-2518_IMG_sm.jpg

In retrospect I would get an L sight now. So far, I haven't been able to get the peep to stay in place. (It wants to ride up to a higher elevation setting during firing)


All that being said, if I had a pile of subguns, I think I'd pick up a Colt 635 with a Gem Tech Talon SD upper for the ideal subgun match weapon. (I guess this relates to the M16 vs TSMG thread) Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which side of the fence you're on) I only have one machinegun, and it's a WH. Maybe the next insane gun purchase can be a registered receiver M16.




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