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Is Getting A Sling An Impossible Task?

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Ive been trying to get a sling for about a year now for my M1, anything will do, please help a Tommy fan in need. I won one on ebay once but it got "lost in the mail" I dont think it sold for as much as he wanted it to. :-( If you can help me, and you have a sling at a fair price please let me know. Thanks Guys. Adam .

PS, I live in the UK. (But dont hold that against me http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif )

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Have you had any trouble ordering those repro slings from Hong Kong? I would think it wouldn't be a problem with US Customs.



Do you know if the slings The Gunner is selling are original or repros? Are there Kerr or M3? Also, I guess it wouldn't be a problem to ship to the US? Not really a gun part.


Thanks, Bill

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Bill, I don't think they're repro. Cheap price though, so I would send them an email first just to be sure...

As far as shipping to the US is concerned...can't see customs having a problem..unless they consider a sling a dangerous weapon because you could strangle someone with it!?

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I got this sling for Free!!! All i had to do was buy the thompson...and he would "throw in" the sling







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There are two listed right now on ebay:






Just gotta keep checking up on em!

Cheers, Zamm



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