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Quick '28 Ima Kit Question

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I noticed from earlier threads that the new IMA MIa1 kit has only a two inch section of the receiver stuck on to the barrell and no other severed part of the receiver. Is this the same with their 1928 kits? It used to be that they would cut out middle section of the receiver and would give you the nubs. I have no use for the bits other than historical interest, but does this mean that the '28 kits don't come with the lyman rear site? Do you have to buy this site seperately?
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First off, Happy Thanksgivings gang!


The kits come with a stamped "L" Lyman sight. IMA has adjustable Lyman sight for sale seperately at $295.00 each.

All the suff I've gotten from them is first class. Hope this helps.



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DAVE, I bought the internals and butt stock a month ago and it was all Savage...beautiful! They even sent an extra new in the wrapper wood stock.So last week I ordered the same thing and only received the internals.They said you now have to buy the whole kit, even tho the ad they sent with my partial order listed the butt stock separatly.Soooooo.... buyer beware.Good Luck.
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Thank you gentlemen! So, if you want a lyman site, it's actually a $1,300 kit ... Hmmmm.


three more quick qusetions:


1. Are all the barrels finned?

2. Is the receiver cut through the ejector like the M1a1 kits?

3. Does it come with a mag?


Happy thanksgiving to all.

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