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I was at a show this weekend and saw -- slobbered over, loving stroked, petted -- a 1928 Colt Tommy. I have a couple of questions. First is there such a creature? I asked the dealer and he said that he thought it was a left over Colt receiver that was used by Savage. It is not a 21/28 overstamp -- I looked for that. The upper and lower do not match -- about 200 numbers apart. The entire gun is green parked. The dealer said that as far as he knew all the internals were what came with it. He was asking $15,000.00 for it. I can't re-morgage the house again ;-) but is that a decent price for that gun? Thanks for any info.




BTW: He had three other Tommy's for sale -- Westy M1 for 9K, Savage M1A for 12K, and Savage(?) M1 for about the same.

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Colt only manufactured 15000 Thompsons. It's an Overstamp Model. Perhaps the figure 8 when applied over the 1 matched up perfectly. Also, the Gun was refinished who knows when, and received a replacement Frame sometime in it's life for what ever reason. Colt did not produce Thompsons for WW2. Sounds like too much $$$ for a Gun that has been messed with.
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The Thompson Collector's Newsletter had an article about a year ago about a Colt Thompson receiver in a museum over in Europe that had the same serial number as a Colt Thompson listed in Cox and Hill's books as belonging to someone else.


Further investigation by Tracie Hill indicated that the Colt receiver was a leftover that Savage numbered and was sold as a 1928 Savage Commercial. The font style and placement on the receiver was determined to be that of the style Savage used on their early guns.


So, it seems that there were some leftover Colt receivers used by Savage on the early guns. How many were used is probably impossible to determine. Whether the gun you saw was an original Savage made gun with a Colt receiver or a later parts gun put together by Numrich Arms Corp. (NAC) in the 1950's would take some additional research.


If I can locate the Thompson Newsletter article online, I'll post the link later.


* I located the online link that had the article on the Colt receiver that had a duplicate serial number. My memory failed me a little on the article, it was a 1921 marked receiver not 1928. The article states, however, that the font style on the serial numbers is the Savage production type. The article can be acccessed at the following link:




The edition is: Volume 145 dated November 15, 2002, Article: Serial Number 7886.




It would be helpful if you remembered the serial number of the gun in question and whether it was prefaced with an S-XXXXXXXX.

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