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This is my first post on this board, and I must say that there is a gold mine of information here, especially for people like me who are new to the Thompson "hobby." Thanks to all who have contributed their knowledge to those of us who need it!


I have a question for the group. Has anyone heard of autoweapons.com and what kind of reputation does the company have? I believe their trade name is Armament Services International, and they have several Thompsons listed.


Jay Thompson

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Their TSMGs' have been listed for some time. They no longer post the price for them on their website. The last time I checked when there was a price it was $22,900 for the gun alone. If I were interested in purchasing a Class III weapon from these folks, I would definitely visit them in person before making any decesion.
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I agree with Arthur. In my opinion, from the photos, the prices seem to be high for the weapons shown. That goes for all of their Class III guns, not just the Thompsons. As Arthur has suggested, if you are really interested in what they have, see it in person and decide. These guns may really be worth the asking prices or perhaps if you show up with cash in hand they will be willing to negotiate, throw in a "C" drum to sweeten the deal, or the like.


Good luck in your search.

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