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The Sten Machine Carbine CD

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The Sten Machine Carbine CD, Over 185 pages of info. on the British Sten

Includes the following rare documents and manuals;


1. Small Arms Training Manual, Machine Carbine 1942.

2. Small Arms Training Manual, Austen-Owen-Thompson, 1943.

3. Sten Illustrated ID List Sten MK I - II - III, 1942.

4. Machine Carbine MKII General Instructions.

5. Canadian Army Manual, The Machine Carbine, 1953.

6. US Test and Evaluations:

7. Sten MKII Infantry Board Trials.

8. Sten MKII Aberdeen Proving Ground Trials.

9. Sten MKIII Aberdeen Proving Ground Trials.

10. Austen Aberdeen Proving Ground Trials.

11. Sten Overview with text/photos


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