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Hard Rain (book)

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Hard Rain - The History Of The Browning Machine Guns


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HARD RAIN The Browning Machine Gun is an in-depth study of these famous weapons as used in World War Two and beyond.The book starts out with a brief overview of the history of the machine gun as a military weapon. Subsequent chapters tell of the urgent WWII requirements for machine guns, and how American companies met the challenge of manufacturing millions of the Browning guns, parts, mounts and accessories. All of the WWII contracts are listed as well as the prices the government paid for the weapons and mounts. Complete detailed descriptions of all variations of the .30 and .50 caliber guns are covered to include ground, aircraft, tank and experimental models. Accessories including the various mounts, flash-hiders, tools, belts, and links are addressed. WWII machine gun tactics to include ground, aircraft and anti-aircraft roles are described. The book concludes with a chapter on today’s shooter and collectors of the Browning guns. Included are the modern "new manufacture" variations, semi-automatic guns, display models, caliber conversions, maintenance and more. Over 250 photos, charts and documents.





326 Plus Pages... Over 350 Photos Documents and Charts.

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