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Unknown Proof On A 1928a1

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Have just bought two mint 1928A1 parts sets. Both are Savage kits with finned barrels, no crossbolt stocks, compensators, and L rear sights. They are both missing from the the from the front drum notch back of the receiver (all the parts are there, except there is only one receiver section). On one of the kits, on the left flat where the receiver goes into the barrel, there is a circle with 38 over OK in it. The circle is divided into three sections with the top half containing the 38. The bottom half is again divided in half with O in the left section, and K in the right one. I have looked throughout Franks book, and have been unable to identify the mark. The kits by serial number are fairly close together (the one with the mark is serial number S-429536, and the one without is serial number S-439421). The second kit does not have the mark on it. Both also have the number 23 lightly stamped on the rear of the trigger frame just after the notch for the buttstock. The numbers are about 1/4 of an inch in height. Any help in identifying the proof would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. (I wish I could post a picture, however, my camera isn't good enough to take a clear pic of the proof). Damn shame they had to cut these guns, there is not a spot of wear on either kit, not even on the bolt face, I would venture to say they were unfired guns, probably out of the batch that came from Russia and imported by IMA.
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I have the same proof mark on the nose piece of the 28 kit I got from IMA. Nobody has been able to identify it, though in a conversation I had with a British collector, he suggested that it may be a recent British proof of some kind. Don't necessarily go by the serial numbers on your trigger frames to match with the receiver nose piece. the two sets of parts are mix and match, so the ones you have don't necessarily go together.


The trigger frame I got with mine was AO instead of Savage, but the serial number had been ground off and replaced by another number. I sent it back to IMA for exchange for one that had not been altered, but unfortunately the frame I got back was Savage instead of AO. I would rather have an AO frame. If anyone has an IMA trigger frame that is AO and would be willing to trade for a Savage, let me know.


Another one of those Thompson mysteries.....



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