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What Do Ya Think It's Worth

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This is the kit I picked up at the SAR show this year. It is complete as you can see. It does have a extra 30 round mag, the drum loader, and all springs and parts it is supposed to have. Plus it has the original box, not in the best shape, but still original box. I don't have a good idea of what it is worth but I've heard a few prices throw out. Let me know what you think. I hope the pictures load right this time. Thanks in advance guys.

conversion kit in box

.22 conversion kit box

drum & conversion kit instructions

complete kit & instructions

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Here's my 2 cents.

I traded a guy on the board here a L drum for a 22 kit and a 22 drum a little over a year ago. I also saw a kit with I think no magazines sell on gun broker about a year ago sell for $300. Two years ago I saw a kit and drum together on gunbroker sell for somewhere around $1500 (I forget the exact number but that's a close ball park.


My kit doesn't work very well, two main complains, the chamber is so large that frequently the 22 case will split open, and the accuracy is best described as a pattern on the paper.




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it is worth to you what you paid,and to the next guy,whatever in your mind what you want to sell it for,and whatever the willing buyer who wants one is willing to pay you for it,when you feel you want to sell it and don't want it anymore..........


or wait page 29chapter 48 line six /value, selling worth tommy g... book..............22 kit with drum and cardboard........


239.96 and extra value since owned by you,574.98


plus shipping......... a tidy profit i would say..........


but full-auto just keep the darn thing..............its a neat item.wink!!!


i saw that on the table at s.a.r.show..........


nice people good show.been there three years, will go back.................but not for that chrome plated tommy on the table.take care,colt 21a/ron

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As you no doubt have already seen, a guy has had one of these with only one 30-round mag listed on Subguns since 10/3 for $1000. Obviously, no takers.


If this or any of the other converion kits (e.g., Ciener) can be made to run, the two 30-round mags are a major plus. IMHO, nobody is interested in a Thompson .22 conversion if all you get is 10-round mags. The fun is over too quickly. Unless the mag ban sunsets next year, your two mags are somewhat valuable if you can get PK to make the kit run.


Just my $0.02.....



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I was the guy that sold the kit with drum on gunbroker 2 years ago. It sold for $1,600. I sold another one without a drum for I think around $800. In my opinion they are not even worth half of that. Poor quality, unreliable, sloppy fitting to the point where you would be better off building a new one from scratch rather than reworking it. But on the other hand it is a collectable which makes it more valuable for some reason. Put it up for auction on gunbroker and set a reserve that you would be happy with, you have nothing to lose.


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I don't want to sell it......yet. I've heard of prices from $350 to $1800. I know the mags go for about $150 each. I put it in my gun the other nite and it fit well. I didn't try it out as my neighbors would start to get worried. I'll toss it in the safe with the rest of the goodies and maybe, maybe, I'll have it running in my WH 1928 that it was made for, by the next TCA show. Thanks guys. Now to work on those Colt guns I know about but can't tell anybody yet. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
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