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Wts: Sterling Smg Mags & Mag Pouch

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Got a couple of Sterling SMG odds and ends for sale/trade:

1. Two of the military so-called "clamshell" magazines. $55 each shipped. FYI, IMA is selling these in really lousy shape for $35 not including shipping.

2. One four-cell mag pouch. Have no idea where this came from, but it's dated 1972. $30 shipped.


If you would rather trade, these are the only things I would be interested in: MK4 cocking blocks, MK4 bolt assemblies (no recoil springs needed), MK4 barrel.


Postal money order or cashier's check are my preferred methods of payment. I don't take PayPal because of all the fees.





See below for photos of the items for sale/trade:







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