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This thread has periodic technical issues. Over time, some of the links listed may stop working when you click on them. If you experience a dead link, you should cut and paste the link directly below this paragraph into your web browser, and then add the 4 or 5 digit individual topic number shown in the link code below the topic you want to see from the topic reference list below.

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The intent of this pinned thread is to create an index of the most informative posts regarding the Thompson Submachine Gun that have been generated on Machinegunboards.com. As time allows, I will add threads that are recommended to me, or that I consider valuable for specific information. If you would like a thread to be considered for listing here, please contact David Albert at dalbert@sturmgewehr.com. This will be another work in progress...Thanks to TD for the suggestion!

The list is organized as follows:

1. Historical Interest
2. Collector Interest
3. Technical Interest
4. Other Useful Thompson Informational Threads

Historical Interest

The Development Of The Thompson Sub Machinegun, by Theodore H. Eickhoff - This was supplied by "full auto 45," and is a text written by Theodore Eickhoff, an Auto-Ordnance engineer who made the Thompson Submachine Gun a reality.

Calvin Goddard, Law Enforcement Forensics, and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Thompsons - This thread shows the TATA Display at the 2008 NRA Convention in Louisville, which was based on the work of Dr. Calvin Goddard, and his contributions to law enforcement forensics as a result of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Both SVDM Thompsons were featured in the display.
Another good thread on the SVDM Thompsons, written when "gijive" began working with Berrien County to learn more about the guns.
I have to throw this one in, also...

British Sling Placement on Thompsons During WWII - Why did British Thompsons have slings attached differently? This thread answers that question.

The "Replica" Thread - This is the longest and most read thread in Machinegunboards.com history. Take a day off from work, read it, and formulate your opinion about the succession of the Thompson through the years...

The American Thompson Association/Dallas Arms Collectors Association Thompson Display at the 2007 NRA Convention in St. Louis - If you'd like to see an incredible display featuring a range of Thompson guns and accessories, take a look at the pictures posted in this thread.

Collector Interest

Buying Your First Thompson? - See this Example of Why You Must be Careful, and Fully Informed - Here is a thread that discusses what was advertised as an original Bridgeport manufactured Thompson, but is actually a reweld made up of at least two different guns. There is much technical expertise demonstrated, as well as collector information that all should read if they plan to purchase a Thompson.



Thompson Hard Cases - This thread is the work of Bill Menosky ("aut-ord-co"), who has done fantastic research on the history of Thompson hard cases.

Home Guard Special Units Thompson Chests – This thread studies a scarce British WWII Thompson accessory, which was a wooden chest built specifically for a Thompson and accessories.

Spare Parts Pouches - This thread discusses all types of Thompson spare parts pouches.

Rare Patent Date Magazine Markings - This is a discussion regarding a rare type of Thompson patent date magazine.

Highlighting Receiver Markings - This post has some suggestions regarding how to use various marking agents to highlight numbers and markings on Thompsons, drums, and magazines.

West Hurley Serial Numbers - If you want to know when your West HurleyThompson was manufactured, this post will refer you to the appropriate URL.

Vichy French Model of 1921 Thompson Manuals - Information on Vichy French Model of 1921 manuals that were printed under German occupation during WWII.

Model of 1928 Colt Thompson Pilot Length, Color, and Hole Placement - This thread details pilot lengths and other variations encountered on Model of 1928 Thompsons.

Colt Thompson vs. Savage Thompson Vertical Grip Comparison - Check this thread out if you would like to know the differences between a Colt and a Savage vertical forergrip. Thanks to "deerslayer" for his analysis contained in the post.


Thompson Rear Grip Comparisons - This details differences between different manufacturers or rear grips for TSMGs.


Russian Lend-Lease Thompsons - This thread covers a trip that board member "Schatzperson" took to view and document a large number of Russian Lend-Lease Thompsons in Europe that were being sold. These are the same Thompsons from which many parts kits have been sold to the U.S.
The following link displays a list of serial numbers from the "Mother Lode" of Russian Thompsons referenced above. You may have to click on the image, once it loads, to be able to view it in full size.
Russian Lend-Lease Thompson "Mother Lode" Serial Number List

"C" Overstamps on WWII Era Bridgeport Thompsons - Very interesting thread regarding overstamp markings found on WWII Thompsons that were not procured for military use.


Identifying Savage and Auto-Ordnance Bridgeport Manufactured Thompsons - This thread covers inspector markings on all Thompsons, and highlights the differences between TSMGs manufactured by Savage and Auto-Ordnance.


Commonwealth Small Arms Training Pamphlets on the Thompson - Explore the various different Small Arms Training Pamphlets on the Thompson published by Commonwealth countries, as well as other variants. This thread was started by UK member "rpbcps."

Technical Interest

West Hurley and Kahr Semi-Automatic Thompsons - Firing Pin Protrusion - Warning! Do not alter the firing pin length of a semi-automatic Thompson! It is part of the design, and altering it may be considered by ATF as manufacturing a machine gun. Please read the thread at the link below.

West Hurley and Kahr Semi-Automatic Thompsons - Magazine Catch Modifications w/ Photos - This post shos how to modify a semi-auto magazine catch so that it will accept USGI magazines.

Inspecting & Testing West Hurley Model 1928 Thompson Locking Slots & Possible Cracked Receivers - If you own a West Hurley Model 1928 Thompson SMG, chances are good that the Blish lock locking slots were machined incorrectly, and may add stress to the receiver of the weapon over time. This tutorial by Paul Krogh (PK) of Diamond K will walk you through an inspection and test you can perform to check for issues.

Ordnance Steel - Explains much about the carbon makeup and machining characteristics of different types of steel, relative to the TSMG.

M1928A1 Extractors Losing Their "Flex" - Reconbob tells how to test extractors to determine if they have lost their "flex" after being in a Thompson bolt for 70 years.

TSMG Magazine Feed Lip Repair - This was an excellent, illustrated post showing how to repair/reform feed lips on TSMG magazines.

Barrel Replacement Torque Setting - This thread describes torque considerations when replacing a TSMG barrel.

Barrel Replacement Witness Marks and Sight Alignment - Another useful thread for barrel replacement.

Barrel Replacement Headspace Questions and Answers - Self Explanatory...

Barrel Thread/Installation Difficulties - I found this thread particularly useful for the information about barrel thread tolerances, and what to do if you experience trouble installing a barrel.

Aftermarket Barrel Thread Correction - Excellent thread with pictures, showing how to correct bad aftermarket barrel threads.

Thompson Stock Staining Techniques - Excellent thread with pictures, showing how to most closely duplicate WWII stock color when refinishing.
RoscoeTurner also suggests this link for information about military stock finishes:

British Sling Placement on Thompsons During WWII - Why did British Thompsons have slings attached differently? This thread answers that question.

A Caution About Shooting Regular Ammo Through Blank Barrels - I'm including this link in the hope that it will help someone in the future. If you are shooting ball ammo, and blanks through the same barrel, please consider reading this post.


Information on Thompson and Reising Actual Rates of Fire (RPM) -This is an excellent post by Jim C 351 where he compares rates of fire in Thompson and Reising Submachine Guns.


Other Useful Thompson Informational Threads

Sample Freedom of Information Act Form - Use the information in this post of you want to file a Freedom of Information Act request with BATF for an NFA firearm that you own. Be advised that it's possible for a fee to be associated with your request to BATF for this service, but most requests are processed without a fee.

Colt Thompson Sales - Price Data 2003-2008 - This is an excellent thread that includes data for asking prices and sales of Colt Thompsons.


Why NFA Transferable Firearms Can't Be Owned by More Than One Person Without a Trust or Corporation - Very insightful thread on the history of the NFA, in response to an inquiry about dual title ownership of NFA firearms.

David Albert

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