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Removing Mag Floor Plate

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I take a small, pocket-type flat bladed screwdriver and insert the tip into the slot on the baseplate. Gently pry the baseplate up while at the same time moving the baseplate to the rear. When the "tit" clears the back of the mag, usually the baseplate will slide out with thumb pressure...be careful and don't forget about the mag spring. Good luck and Merry Christmas! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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I took mine all the way apart, tried the bread pan thing and still had too much cosmoline left, my ammo looked like crap and the gun started to choke after about 300 rnds. I like a light film of CLP inside, on the spring too.




I useally soak them in hot simple green after whiping most of the crap off with newspapers. use an old bottle brush place on a cookie sheet on warm to dry. the bodies. I don't like placing the mag springs in the oven, don't want to draw temper out of them.


P.S. Don't let the better half catch you doing this with her good cookie sheets, she'll ask questions

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I do what M1A1 does.....small screwdriver, pry up til the rear tab clears the edge, then slide it rearward. WHEN YOU GET about 1/4 inch open, PLACE your thumb over the end and using the screwdriver (or a pair of pliers with tape in the jaws) pull the plate out from under your thumb. This will keep the spring from launching and covering a piece of the wall with cosmoline!


I use a homemade CLP mix that works really well for cleaning and lubricating the gun and mags, but for cleaning I just use straight kerosene. Let 'em soak for a few days then scrub then out.


My CLP mix was obtained from American Gunsmith magazine. It makes five gallons.


2 Gal. Kerosene (low odor)

2 Gal Mineral spirits (low odor also)

3 Qts. Marvel Mystery Oil

1 Qt. Rislone engine treatment


Mix in a 6 gal. pail, remove a couple gallons to add later as makeup.....put in empty Mineral spirits jugs)

I use a screw-on "Beta seal" lid.....makes it easier to use. I also put a stainless colander in the bottom of the bucket to eliminate the need to dig for small parts.


This stuff works great on all guns and is a fantastic rust preventer, BUT it WILL darken polished Nickel finishes slightly (no effect on bright nickel Thompson bolts).


Merry Christmas!!



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Thanks to all for the suggestions. I was able to get the floor plate with no problem.


These are 30-rounders (all Seymour so far) that I bought from CDNN. Great condition and a great price. Hard to believe these things are probably 60 years old.


Now all I need is a gun to put them in...


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