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Mission Statement:  
  Machinegunboards.com exists to promote knowledge of the Thompson Submachine Gun, as well as several other firearms covered by the site. History, collector subjects, and technical knowledge are the main topics discussed in the forums. The site is a source to interact with others of similar interests, and it also serves to educate and provide a unique research vehicle. All National Firearms Act rules apply.
Website History  
  This website was started in the year 2000 as “Machinegunbooks.com", by Frank Iannamico, and administrated and moderated by Nick Iannamico. Frank still runs his website to sell his excellent series of books and CD resources covering various machine guns, and all are encouraged to visit the site and purchase his products. Frank's sales website can be accessed at www.machinegunbooks.com.

In July, 2008, Frank Iannamico gave the various discussion boards from Machinegunbooks.com to David Albert. They have been renamed “Machinegunboards.com” in an effort to retain similarity to the original website name, while enabling Frank to maintain his sales website without the discussion boards. The archived content of the original discussion boards has been maintained at the new website, as it is a valued resource to the firearms community. The intent is to continue to maintain the previous content, build on it, and further expand Machinegunboards.com as the premier information resource for enthusiasts of the Thompson Submachine Gun, and the other firearms covered on the various boards.

Rules for Board Usage  


Machinegunboards.com is a private forum -- Moderators reserve the right to remove posts, remove membership, and run the board as seen fit. Machinegunboards.com also reserves the right to refuse access to anyone, for any reason. DO NOT come here to make trouble. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. Again, All NFA Rules apply.

Machinegunboards.com and its administrators do not assume any risks of doing business or receiving and acting upon information on these boards.  Use common sense, and act upon information seen here at your own risk. Always observe appropriate safety practices when handling any firearm. An excellent resource for general firearm safety rules can be found at the NRA Gun Safety Rules Site.

Forums are intended for appropriate information exchange.  This forum is NOT to be used for personal attacks, malicious comments, and improper or illegal information exchange. Any concerns or complaints regarding information, products, or services should first be addressed person to person, not on the forums boards. (For this purpose, an internal e-mail system is provided to registered members to contact each other privately.) We intend this to be a fun place to interact with others of similar interests. While interacting on the boards, please treat others courteously, with dignity and respect. Spirited discussions are fine, as long as they are topical, and handled in a professional manner by all involved. Moderators will determine when a post is inappropriate, and the poster will likely NOT receive notification regarding why their post was deleted. They should assume that there was an issue with their deleted post, not dwell on it, and move FORWARD.

While the boards are mainly intended for information exchange, there are instances when an individual may wish to post something for sale to other collectors on the individual forums. If you wish to post an item for sale, you must be at least listed an “RKI Member.” You may also post items for sale if you are listed as a “Long Time RKI Member,” “Respected Member,” “Technical Expert,” “Industry Expert,” or if you are a Board Moderator. Only post items you actually have in your possession – do not post future expected items that have not been physically received yet. If you purchase something listed on the boards, you assume all risks, so understand the seller's terms of sale, return policies, conditions, type of payments and timeframe of delivery prior to your transaction.  It is BEST if you have such details in writing, via letter, signed fax or e-mail.  Again, All NFA Rules apply, and these boards are NOT primarily market boards.

How do I become an “RKI Member?” (“RKI” stands for “Reasonably Knowledgeable Individual”) There is no pre-set method of attainment, but if you frequent the board, and post regularly, or are an active member of one of the Thompson collector clubs who is known to the moderating team, you will gain such a listing next to your board name in good time.




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