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Machinegunboards.com , Sturmgewehr.com, and Biggerhammer.net are sister websites.


Sturmgewehr.com features the most productive NFA market board on the internet, and its other boards are also very active, including a parts and accessories board, collector board, and semi-auto board. Here is the website link: www.sturmgewehr.com


Biggerhammer.net is a seasoned website that has a serious following among the .50 caliber crowd, and also features niche discussion/market boards for SIG Rifles, SR-25's, ANM2/MG-40's, Robinson M96's, Detonics pistols, and HAC-7 Rifles. It also contains uncommon information on AR-15 Rifles. Here is the website link: www.biggerhammer.net


Readily accessible information is a necessity to any firearm enthusiast. Frank Iannamico is the author of several books on machine guns, as well as a multitude of articles in Small Arms Review and the former Machine Gun News. Frank's website was the founding predecessor to Machinegunboards.com, and his excellent firearm reference materials can still be purchased at the following link: www.Machinegunbooks.com


Small Arms Review magazine is by far the best magazine for coverage of NFA weapons. If you are not a subscriber, you really should do yourself a favor, and subscribe now. The Small Arms Review website can be accessed here: www.SmallArmsReview.com


Also highly recommended is “RoverDave's” website, “Uzitalk.com.” Dave is the world authority on the Uzi Submachine Gun, and his website also features many useful and active NFA boards, as well as significant Uzi historical and technical content. www.Uzitalk.com


The following websites are also Thompson Submachine Gun informational resources:

http://www.autoordnance.com/ - The official website of the Auto-Ordnance Corporation, which is a part of Kahr Arms

http://www.nfatoys.com/tsmg/tata/ - The official website of The American Thompson Association

http://thetca.net/default.aspx - The Official website of The Thompson Collectors Association

www.MikesMachineGuns.com - Thompson focused website run by “Full Auto 45”

http://thompsonaccessories.com/home.htm - Gordon Herigstad's Thompson website


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