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Just wanted to say I have enjoyed the change in climate on the web site in the past few days. I have been reading and sometimes posting on the web site and it seems that the climate has changed in the past few days and I think it is great. I have been involved in several hobbies where people share information and techniques and the only desire is to make other people more informed and increase safety and enjoyment. One hobby is Blacksmithing and I have learned techniques from a master bladesmith with a 3rd grade education as well as a retired NASA PHD and in each case they had knowledge to share event though the description from one was get it hot as hell and beat it together and from the other explaining how the molecular structure of one metal interacted with the other during the forging process. The other hobby is cave diving and I have dove with people with 3500 dives under their belt to new students. My point is we all have something to offer and the guys that are new to the web site should be given the same respect as someone that has a collection of 50 21 Colts. We all are here because we have a passion for Thompsons and want to learn from each other. I have collected guns for over 30 years and do not begin to know everything about anything but I do want to enjoy the hobby. I do appreciate all the advice and information from everyone on this web site. My knowledge has increased tenfold by reading the posts and information here and finding sources for parts and accessories.

Lets keep the refreshing change in attitude and professionalism going. I know Nick and the other sponsors would appreciate it. Lets keep the information flowing and work together to make sure we can continue to enjoy our hobby and this web site.

Just my .02


Charles Burrage


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