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  2. Do you currently own one? They are hard to find these days as you may already know. What is your budget?
  3. If you still have one you will loan or sell......call me at the shop 478 474-2990. If I make in quantity with laser cut parts that require minimal finish machning I can make them quite economically Just want to inspect at least one original before I decide how I'll make them. If anyone sees one for sale shoot me a link and if original german MFG and not over $300 to $400 buy it....LOL and I'll send you cash
  4. Bump it again! Anyone. Anyone that will pm me back.
  5. I am looking to buy a 1928 Knurled Actuator for a dummy gun project I am working on. I would like it to be in bad shape as all I am going to do is cut it up. I do not want to pay much for it as I do have some actuators, but I do not want to cut those up since those are in perfect shape, hence the reason I am looking for one in bad shape that someone is willing to sell. Please pm if you have one for sale. Thank you.
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  7. Rule #4 No full auto guns. Guys I know say some parts do pop up for sale, but don't expect much. I don't attend shows or clubs that ban guns. When I was in the process of buying a range I briefly considered kicking out trapshooters, but figured I'd just charge them more money instead. Tulsa is for wabbit and duck hunters mostly. Brazos609, pouch must have sold or was well hidden? Never saw it on Friday? Looks pretty neat.
  8. I am very curious about the provenance for this MP40. It has had some good pictorial exposure on this site, except for a pic of the added serial number imprinted on it under the grip panel, so a pic would be appreciated to be shown. The claims made of it's provenance raise multiple questions. The gun speaks for itself and it presents a rare and interesting anomaly. However, no serial number or closeup pic of the gun has been provided to confirm it's association with the provanance that you claim. What confirms that it is the specific gun given as a gift to the particular recipient? How is it identified in the documentation? I have some examples of my own. Many claims of provenance actually are not able to be corroborated for lack of any way to positively identify a weapon in the pics or documentation as actually the one in hand. There are reasonable explanations for the lack of the usual serial number and matching or mismatching numbered parts. The notion that the marking of MP38/40s is absolutely without errors, omissions, mis-strikes, different fonts of letters and numbers and any other anomalies is without merit. This one is another unique and interesting exmaple of oddities in actual production as well as post-production units. Whatever you can provide will be very welcome. TIA
  9. "V" stamped Thompson magazine on Gun-Broker-Auctions.........not mine but someone here was looking for these. Regards, RichardS. US Army, RET
  10. I believe he photoshopped the number. He says the secret number is "***7" and will not be revealed. Wow. 50K. And no gun with it! LOL!
  11. years ago i got a couple of the mag adapters for the ppsh-41 to use the mp-40 mags from IMI , they look great and worked perfectly, price was under 100.00, possibly made in india,, these still show up,, i think you will spend a lot more to make these today, but good luck,,just sayn
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  13. I have two identical pouches just like this and wonder what the boards consensus is as to origin, age, etc. Always just figured they were early unmarked pre-strap belt pouches? TIA! John
  14. Are we all supposed to be impressed.i think i had a number of those. wait maybe ten with cases...he better sell now in 5 or 10 nobody will want one.i will go over and look so you know you did not waste good time posting it. thanks for the heads up. enjoy the year.RON K. p.s. just saw pics and books i had a very good laugh. look at my bottom by line for years year. and a ha ha to that one.Doobee look i just bought a Thompson cased set with 2 drums only be like 300 g.oh bRO can you get me one also and one for my momma. Thanks for that a good ending to SAR show 2022. just spent 72 hours there. with many a good laugh.
  15. Form 1 approval came in last Thursday.
  16. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/960029457 Not my auction. Has anyone seen this yet!? I think this has to be the lowest numbered drum I have ever seen!! Pictures are kind of bad, but it appears to be #7 or #9. Seems abit outrageous on the price though!!
  17. You only have to worry about detachable stocks on guns that without a stock don't meet the 26" overall length even though the barrel is 16",like uzis ect.
  18. Had to be drugs.Somone at Kahr.This is What a Redneck on LSD would do to his Thompson after watching Dukes of Hazard. I thought case hardened Thompson was ugly ,This makes Case Hardened Thompson not look so bad.After years of Infamy the Thompson has to be subject to this! Sorry time for Kahr to end their Thompson line
  19. Keep an eye out on gunbroker.Parts like that try the WTB at weaponsguild.Lots of builders over there with parts.
  20. Make a drawing. Find someone with a lathe.
  21. Why is that? Why in specific TSMG since a lot of other weapons systems & parts are imported on a daily basis. Curious to see what stops them (gunsmiths, dealers etc) from importing them to US. Will never let mine go that's for sure but it is an interesting topic. Thanks in advance
  22. I believe Frank I. also wrote an article on suppressing a Reising for Small Arms Review. I was not able to find a link for the article..
  23. The $25,000+ US Price is for an example that was in the United States prior to 1969 and was Registered in The National Firearms Act. A TSMG currently outside the US can not be currently imported for ownership by an individual.
  24. TD, I aswell see them resurface on various collector sites etc from time to time & a lot of deactived ones obviously. I still need to look at my trigger frame, I have no clue if this will have the same Serial number or not. Will keep you posted. What gives it away by seeing the pictures that this might not be the case? Those thompson association events sound awesome, I should make the trip one day to visit those.. Crazy to hear that they go for that much stateside, seems they are much lower in Europe, Belgium in Specific. Friend of mine bought an all original M1A1, full functional, for 2000 euro aswell. How can that be such a price difference. I presume because a lot of these items stayed behind in EU after the war? TSMG, Understood, thanks for the info, appreciated! John, Thanks for sharing! Sad to hear that it had a bad refinish but it still is a hell of a unique piece to have!
  25. After checking the threading on my Reising, they are concentric enough to run a suppressor. I need to find a 7/8x24 to 5/8x24 adapter to mount the suppressor. I will be using the SG-2 from Thompson Machine. I checked with Bowers as mentioned in another post. They didn't have one nor was interested in making one. The only other option is to rethreading the barrel to 5/8x24 which would mean I could not remount the compensator. Any other suggestions on how to mount the suppressor?
  26. Would enjoy seeing a picture of the magazine loader. I have never seen a period one that did not look used in some way.
  27. ....Around 12-15 years ago, a great guy named Steve ......... and I made Kurz ammo by talking thru the internet. step by step, using typed words and photos.......Steve was successful in making brass and loading them to specs.....and made a great video of him shooting his MP-44 with friends........ ......For years I made 'throw=away" brass from Turkish 8mm brass cases.....There was so much Turkish 8mm Mauser ammo around, and anyone who owned and shot an 8mm Mauser could buy the ammo so cheaply............Pulling the bullets, dumping the powder and to begin measuring the cases, cutting them, and begin the forming process.......then charge & load these reformed Turkish cases, which are berdan primed, not reloadable, you have made Kurz cases that can be forgotten about as they fly out of the gun....... ......This was before FNM, PPU, and Hornady began to make new Kurz loaded ammo, and MP-43/44 owners were looking around trying to buy WWII era and Post war Kurz whereever one could find it. ...........So Steve .......... I lost your contact info, and I would like to make contact witrh you again........Please send me a message, I would like to see how your doing these Days...... ..........I have the video, that you had made on that day you and friends shot your MP-44 'freely"! (if I can figure how to attach it here) Bob Hurley Sturmgewehr at Princeton.wmv
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