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  2. Agree. I wasn’t endorsing the movie’s (many) historical issues and inaccuracies, only pointing out that it showed a Reising M-55.
  3. I own a 1919A6, BAR, Lewis, Japanese Type 11 and Type 96... The best value in terms of ammo cost, parts availability, ease of maintenance and general fun on the range is definitely the 1919A6 and BAR ... They go to the range with me almost every time.
  4. Northridge just got back to me. AT&T dropped the ball. Phones and email were FUBAR.
  5. Nice kit George! First one I've seen that was a small armors spare 92 kit!
  6. Yesterday

    • 344.82 kB
    • 1600x1204
  7. Looking for a good quality M50 stock. Preferably military issued but beggars cant be choosers these days.
  8. I have an original SA M1A select fire and really like it. With a little practice it can be shot on FA just fine.
  9. I don't necessarily disagree with this statement...but you have to admit the 1919a4 is one of the most versatile & reliable, dedicated belt-feds available on the transferables market. Caliber versatile: from the original 30.06 to 7.62x39 with a bunch in between. Configuration versatile: works on many different tripods, spade grips readily available. A6 "LMG" configuration. Original closed-bolt or open-bolt operation. I'm getting up in age to where I appreciate not having to drag a bunch of stuff to the range as well...which is why I've configured my (2) F/A 1919s in a more modern (M240B style) LMG setup. They're very nice to shoot and I'm not dragging anything to the range except gun + ammo + range kit. Both have open-bolt kits in them. I posted some pics & video of my "pM240Bmg" LMGs over on 1919a4.com a couple days ago. Here's a link: Open Bolt pM240Bmg outing (pics & video)
  10. many thousands of the mk 3 parts kits imported came from finland,,back in the 1950s interarms bought the mk3 s from england and traded them to finland for ship loads of other surplus rifles, machineguns,, many of the finnish stens had local modifications like sling swivles added, perhaps the finns refinished them with black paint over parkerize ? and if i rember correct interarms paid .25 cents per sten to england,, just sayn
  11. Well i shot it today with lead reloads I made flawless on mag dump very accurate on semi i was surprised.
  12. Just picked this up. Pretty sure it's for the Type 92 HMG
  13. I wonder if it was the same as the Lanchesters? If so, it's a very nice smooth, semi-glossy deep blue/black finish. I'm actually surprised at how nice the finishes were on many of the wartime production SMG's, seems like even cheapos still had nice finishes.
  14. I got through to NFA yesterday. Their answer is; the executor must first Form 5 the item to a lawful heir and then the heir can Form 4 to the existing trust. In my situation the executor is also a lawful heir so he could Form 5 transfer to himself and then Form 4 the weapon to the trust.
  15. That's my kind of range! Love it.
  16. Calling all attorneys! Help! My stuff is in a trust, but I made sure to put my son on the trust so there will be no issues. He can always add another trustee to it once I pass, making the trust basically last forever.
  17. Now that would not surprise me, however that's an odd fix and it must have been problematic with respect to how it functions. I mean those drums, as simple as they are are pretty precise with the feed lip mag well interface.
  18. I guess you are somehow evading the rules - I am sure machine gun parts would be considered as undesirable as assault weapon parts, and unless you are selling 10 round or less mags you are beating the system there as well. Years back I had a raw - and I mean raw - like 15 lbs. casting for an MG-34 receiver on EBay. I bought a set of FAL blueprints from a guy that were sold as correct original drawings and they turned out to be useless hand drawn crap. I posted feedback that they were no good and as revenge the seller reported my raw casting as a machine gun part. The result was that I got banned from EBay and from PayPal for LIFE, and PayPal took all my money which fortunately was only around $500. I tried to correct and appeal the whole thing but at the time (and I would think the same now) the people you contact were in some third world country with little understanding of English that would just copy and paste words and phrases with no correct grammar or understanding of anything. If you don’t use PayPal and if you don’t sell much on EBay I guess you can risk it, but if you are doing a decent amount of selling and making a decent amount of money at the click of a mouse it could all be over. Bob
  19. Get a good WH and you will be happy at a (hopefully) better price point. WW2 guns typically have the same result but at a higher cost. . Collectible Thompsons (Colts mostly) are just that 'collectible' and seldom shooters. My Colts never get shot, sad I know, but true. My WH's and WW2 guns fill that desire. With a PK hybrid buffer system and 21 internals you can change the configuration(s) to your wants for a day of shooting without taking a risk of changing the status from Collectible to Shooter with a squib or part breakage. Agree with the all the others who "know their stuff", research and purchase wisely. It'll be time well spent. Enjoy the journey.
  20. First and probably last time I did business with them. Apex, RTG and BRP are my normal sources but Northridge was the only source for something I wanted
  21. That would piss me off. I think I’m going to take my business else where. Although , I’m happy your order is on its way.
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