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  2. Thanks for all the responses. It definitely seems like they are out there, but people don’t want to get rid of them.
  3. I have a very similar looking grip that I bought several years ago. I was told it was an "original Savage," but I didn't really take that claim too seriously. Having said that, it looks exactly like yours. How can I confirm whether mine is legit? Thanks.
  4. I'm seriously contemplating haveing a set of wrenches for barrel nut removal/torque either lasered or water jetted......if any one is interested in a set......probably make them from 1/4 AR500, let me know. No idea on pricing at them moment, need to get drawing generated and sent out to my laser guy.
  5. Realized the trunnion on an MP41 kit had what I needed.....made a support fixture for the tube and a mandrel/driver for the trunnion.......heated the braze metal to molten and tapped the trunnion out of the tube remnant.....both pieces 100% undamaged......😀
  6. I like Bobs add, good to keep a sense of humor in these trying times. The “Mean Streets” of Thompson Parts 🤔
  7. These kinds of threads are painful to read, but very educational as to the character of the participants.
  8. I went on my PPD-40 search back in the day after reading an article by Frank Iannamico in the old Machine Gun News about Frank's own PPD-40. Not too long thereafter, I found a C&R PPD-40 and bought it sight unseen...pre-internet days, can't remember if I found it in the classified section of MGN or Shotgun News. Those were the days!...I think I paid something like $3400 for it. After transfer to my C&R, I took possession directly from its owner (who lived in another state) as he was passing through my town on his way back from The Creek. It turned out to be a beautiful Finn captured gun which came with a single original drum! I loved everything about the PPD-40, but then as it is now, spare parts (including original drums) are almost unobtainable. PPSh-41 mags and drums are easily altered to fit / function in the PPD-40, but other important spares are just extremely hard to find. Being the sort of owner who's a shooter and not one to put up a rare gun for admiring, this is / was not a good situation. I shot a good amount of the best quality corrosive surplus of the day (Yugo) and then I didn't shoot it much after that for fear something would break...and I had plenty of other choices. Years passed and I finally let it go to fund a different Title 2 "fun button." It's one of those SMGs I regret selling, but to me it's not one of those guns you can shoot thousands and thousands of rounds through each year. The PPD-40 is a simple pre-war design that was beautifully executed. One neat feature the PPD has is its floating firing pin with integral firing pin safety. For anyone looking to add one to their collection...you won't be disappointed, IMO. Understand however, spare parts for them are extremely rare.
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  10. In one of the G/B ads is an M1 sight marked "P". looks wartime, used. I've never seen one. Any idea who made these? ...Phil
  11. WOW! Damn, and I thought 13 months was bad. Glad it's in your hands now! Nice!
  12. Rekraps, Please post a clear photo(s) of the 26-rd. flat clips that you have.
  13. The back story for this Colt NAVY is it is a pre sample gun that came out of Guatemala in 1981. Its a perfect candidate for this "conversion" as its not a 100% original gun and always will be a shooter grade Colt Thompson.
  14. And do not post on a public forum.whatever you intend to do.be happy in your own mind. The world does not have to know.
  15. Looking to buy a bolt for the SS room 1928 BFONG.
  16. Looking for an M1 carbine host for M2 registered kit. Nothing expensive.
  17. Never ever will I buy on a form 4 from out of state😠.
  18. The barrel came with the gun and it was a very, very long way from ready to drop in. The chamber is very tight and will not accept all brands of factory ammo. The lugs that are supposed to set headspace and lock it into the receiver had to be welded up front and rear and re-machined. It had an extended muzzle which was threaded for a suppressor but was too large in diameter to fit through the hole in the end of the muzzle cap and the shoulder for the muzzle cap was in the wrong place. I have no idea who made the barrel which is a good thing because I might have given it back to them - as a suppository. It has been such a mess that I may be back-burnering the 9mm project for a while and concentrating on getting it running 100% in 7.62 Tok with the heavy bolt
  19. Ok, duly noted. First of all, I never called you stupid. I reasonably and without malice emailed you about the investment cast mag catch you were selling as "authentic unless otherwise noted" - trying to help you out. Why don't you copy and paste my note to you here? Your response was to block me so that I could not email you anymore. Best wishes in your endeavors. Bob Bottom line I prefer to not deal with you. I have my reasons.
  20. Ok, duly noted. First of all, I never called you stupid. I reasonably and without malice emailed you about the investment cast mag catch you were selling as "authentic unless otherwise noted" - trying to help you out. Why don't you copy and paste my note to you here? Your response was to block me so that I could not email you anymore. Best wishes in your endeavors. Bob
  21. John, I think a Colt 1928A is a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing the completed project.
  22. Thanks Richard. Great information and a word to the wise for the members of this forum. This is why I do not order machine gun parts from outside the USA: PUBLICATION/POSTING START: March 10, 2023 DEADLINE TO FILE A CLAIM: April 09, 2023 LOS ANGELES 2023272000159201-0001-0000, Seized on 02/13/2023; At the port of LAX INTL ARPT; 1928A1 THOMPSON ACUATOR MACHINE GUN PART; 1; EA; Valued at $100.00; For violation of 19 USC 1595a(c)(2)(A), 26 USC 5845(a)&(b), 26 USC 5844 And I definitely do not want anyone with a badge or gun knocking on my door - unless asking for directions!
  23. I would pick up some 124gr NATO spec ammo to use as your baseline for function testing. If you don't get consistent function with that ammo, then you'd probably need to start making hardware adjustments. BTW...where did you get your 9mm barrel? Did it come complete and ready to drop it? I've got a tube Yugo 49 and it would be nice to have the extra (9mm) caliber option.
  24. You are correct that this is an involved topic! Importing anything has its own sets of US Gov't / US Customs regulations. In a recent discussion on the topic the subject of importing wood was brought up, it requires USDA approval, they have their own forms (PPQ). Now that the US Commerce department has a greater role in imports my info is a bit dated. Google is your friend here, as well as the search engines on US Gov't web sites. Do your homework and do your best to comply with the law, remember its your signature on the bottom line, stick to the truth, don't be intentionally vague. I think that $100 limit is now $50, (I could be wrong on that) and you also have to check the list of proscribed countries where as a US citizen or company you are not allowed to purchase certain classes of items. For instance now is not a good time to buy weapons parts from Iran or Russia! Most of the time violations of import regulations winds up with your items being seized by US Customs and you are out the funds (here are the latest records of seizures). U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives However, sometimes individuals get a visit from Homeland Security who are there to explain to you in writing that you have violated a regulation. That is where being able to demonstrate your efforts to comply with the regulations can be a benefit. NEVER lie on a US Gov't form, that will get you in trouble as it demonstrates your intention was to "smuggle" items into the USA. AS always my advice is worth what you paid for it! There are good attorneys who specialize in the current import regulations, they are a good deal compared to what criminal defense attorney's cost. Richard
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