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  2. Men of the 5th Northamptonshire Regiment, 11th Inf. Brig., 78th Inf.Div. on the march near Coldragone, Italy. 25 May 1944. (Photo source- © IWM NA 15513) Colourised by Doug
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  4. Just found this site. Apparently they have compensators in stock. https://www.amsmilitaria.be/ HTH, Karl, 68coupe
  5. There are also two recoil assembly types, one has a spring that is larger in diameter than the other. You may have to fit the buffer because of that.
  6. One end of the buffer assembly is larger than the other. I use fiber buffers (original) and slide them from the barrel end onto the spring assembly. If they won't fit, then very carefully ream out a bit of material until it slides over the front stop. It will seat firmly against the back, larger stop.
  7. I just signed over the big "X's" and ATF accepted.
  8. How did we ever survive before computers and auto fill on a form? I swear we have peaked as a society and are on the downward slide due to lack of common sense and ability to think outside the box.
  9. https://www.justgunparts.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6
  10. Mine just comes off but the gun is made from Polish parts. Be careful of the buffer tech Ppsj41 buffer. I was told not to use them in a full auto gun due to the cyclic rate increase due to the rebound the buffer has. The increased cyclic can cause over running drums.
  11. I just print two copies of the first page and send that in. Been working fine for several years now. They can barely read the info on the form, much less the fine print at the bottom. Years ago the form would populate the other copies, but that has not worked for several years now. It's not a glitch, it's by design. Another crazy notion....many of us can type faster than you can write with a pen, and with no errors on the form for bad penmanship.
  12. They're not a myth. they occasionally show up on GB & Numrich sells parts for them. I have a Doug Richardson book that covers them, albeit briefly. FWIW, Karl, 68coupe
  13. Set the nose into a cup of "Kroil" for a week. Make an aluminum bar that fits through the compensator but stops at the muzzle and indexes a little into the bore. Set it up into your press, push a little, heat with hair dryer/heat gun, Catch it when it pops apart... ...Phil
  14. I believe that they are supposedly "MGC" model drums made in Japan for their toy Thompson. ...Phil
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  16. How does one remove the press fit compensators, without damaging them. My commemorative WH, with all the gold bits, may want a short barrel sometime in the future. LOL Karl, 68coupe
  17. Sorry, that came out wrong, i should have said they are gi, not colt.
  18. You have to use PDF Pro The free version won't work, it does as described, it only fills out the first page, the others will be blank.
  19. BORE, It would help if you would specify which Thompson variation you need a vertical fore grip for. The two primary vertical fore grips are the Colt's and the Savage Arms - both hard to find and very expensive in good plus condition. If you need an AOC West Hurley vertical fore grip (much cheaper), specify if you need a 1/2" or 3/4' grip mount channel. Another option is a reproduction vertical fore grip from Dan Block (forum name: deerslayer). He can make whatever variation you need.
  20. Looking for original Colt manufactured Tommy gun front pistol grip assy Please let me know if you have o e for sale. Thank you
  21. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/498820 Need to build the small parts but thats doable
  22. That one has a different version cover than the one pictured in David and Michaels 'Thompson Manuals, catalogs and other paper items', so that would indicate that there were at least two French edtions of the Handbook produced. Excellent addtion to your collection, I am really envious now!👍 When did AOC relocate from the 31 Nasau Street address to the Broadway address? I am wondering if your handbook was produced to go with one of the 3,000 Model of 1921's ordered by France in Nov. 1939. The Swedish handbooks dated 1940 had the Broadway address on them. If there is a link, there may have been 3,000 of those French handbooks originally produced.
  23. Looking for a bolt in pretty much any condition. Thanks!
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