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  2. 660 is the early manufacturer’s code for Steyr. The same code can be found on Steyr produced MP40’s and K98’s until the code was changed to “BNZ” around 1941.
  3. It has all of them. I have been able to find very little detailed information about this MP and its markings. I was especially perplexed by the "660" on the top cover since it is marked on the underside to match the receiver number Your post has been more than helpful.
  4. i dont see why it cant be straightend out, ill compare your phito to my originals, the after mkt ones made in india with soft metal, just sayn
  5. Your LW contract MP34 should have some markings like these.
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  7. My question was more about repairs and comparisons to others with other who have loaders but here at the pics.
  8. Here is the LW proof on my stock, as well as a box of original period ammo (Steyr produced) for the LW contract guns.
  9. You have one of the 660 code (dated 1939) Luftwaffe contract guns. Originally chambered in 9 x 23 Mauser caliber. Hence, the Eagle over L acceptance mark on the stock. lift up the rear sight leaf and you should see a “M9” marking to denote that the rear sight is calibrated to the 9mm Mauser cartridge. I have one of these guns as well (#3670).
  10. is this an original or aftermarket ? could it be bent back into shape ? how about a pix of the markings, just sayn
  11. Just got a loader tool but the top pin is not seated on the one side. When I try and punch it in it seems like it not long enough. When I measured the width of the side with the spring, the top seems to be wider than the bottom. Not sure if anyone else could measure for me? If it does need to be clamped together, suggestions would be great!
  12. Square “S” is Stevens. It looks like the stamp bounced.
  13. I'll be grabbing a copy of American Thunder, but until I get that.. I'm trying to figure out who made this auto sear.
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  15. Not just the receivers, the barrels get torched as well. Once you cut that barrel thru the chamber, middle and behind the front sight, there is nothing left but scrap. European spec deactivation is very destructive now too. Richard
  16. Well you stumped me! I am a locomotive engineer on long hall and don't recall ever seeing anything like that. It might still be railroad related but I am not running electrified (overhead wire or third rail) territory. It might be signal department also, I just haven't seen one. Working on 38 years now in the field and all over the country, thought maybe you would give me an easy one! Sorry Mike, didn't mean to hijack your thread.
  17. My MP34 stock has this Waffenamt. It was originally either 9x23 (Austrian police) or 9x25 (Austrian army) and never converted to 9x19 so it was not a Wehrmacht gun. The only similar Waffenamt I could find was described as "polizei." Can anyone confirm this? Is this mark specific to one type of police unit or likely to have been in general issue
  18. Yess I understand, I really don't like the US "kit" where the receivers are cutted and must be rewelded...
  19. Motorcar if I show you a picture of a thing that I think has something to do with the rail, can you tell me what it is? A friend of mine found it.
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  21. Funny you should mention that. Today I found half a box full of the real issue Thompson action covers, and another half box full of these new manufactured copies. The one in this picture is one of those copies, the marking on the brass snaps is a give-away as are the eyelet holes. We will have them properly identified when they get listed on the APEX Gun Parts web site. Richard.
  22. I wish we could buy them and have them shipped over here in the US. Seems stupid that you can’t even though it’s already modified and in the end no different, in principle, (but better originality and quality) than one of the kits here that’s been rewelded and converted.
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