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  1. Here is a sample part of the suppressor from the poster I sell on my website for the M3A1 Grease Gun
  2. I found these on my other computer, forgot I had them.
  3. no drawing of the collar, seems to lost in time or in our government black hole.
  4. I wonder what the thread is on my Swedish Kg m/37 is. I have several thread protectors on 5 or 6 of my barrels and flash hider on my other one. Colt made the original Swedish BAR guns so I wonder if they are in imperial threaded.
  5. You questioning the great John Moses Browning 😜 I think thread sizes were not nearly as standardized in the early 20th century as they are later so they just went with what looked right? It is a strange size.
  6. The muzzle threads for the 1918 BAR drawing are .67 +.0015 / -.0000 by 28 THD U.S.F. R.H. Threading is .6" long from muzzle to shoulder Not sure about FND or if they changed the thread for the 1918A2
  7. It would be nice to be able to upload pdf files for sharing manuals and drawings and such to members. I was wondering if its possible? thanks for the site.
  8. I assume you mean LMG not LNG. Yes the LMG gas tubes are thicker in diameter except at the ends.
  9. Most likely it was a reg dewat that was reactivated by HR guns. Most likely all the parts came from some attic find Type 99 guns.
  10. Nice starting kit and your work is very nice. I watched you Swedish K kit build video and that was another beautiful build. It makes me want to send my Swedish K in for some work and my M3A1.
  11. I don't know about using it with mags, I always shoot drums and have never used any of the mags I have.
  12. Mine just comes off but the gun is made from Polish parts. Be careful of the buffer tech Ppsj41 buffer. I was told not to use them in a full auto gun due to the cyclic rate increase due to the rebound the buffer has. The increased cyclic can cause over running drums.
  13. I have considered taking one of my spare barrels to use for suppression. Of course my BAR has a QCB so that makes it easier. Its of course 6.5 but a 30 caliber can should work well enough. The reason I have not done it yet is the muzzle threads and I already use the smallest gas setting on my BAR. I guess I could take one of the spare gas plugs, weld up the gas port and redrill it smaller but its not been high on my list of things to do. My only 30 cal can is Ti so its not a can for heavy duty MG use.
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