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  1. Well, I should have known this would come back to bite me. I did an efile for a customer on 4/18/24, telling him how quickly they were turning around, and so far, nothing. Two months and its still "submitted in process." Customer calls or texts me every few days asking about it. So they aren' t all going smoothly.
  2. No link, this is a photo copy of the original article. I sold my collection of MGN a good while ago but kept some copies of favorite articles. I've not had much luck finding MGN online articles. I'll try to scan it soon and post it.
  3. I've owned two 44's, enjoyed shooting both. The first one I almost sold to Hank Williams, Jr. but had another guy first in line that backed out. Hank found another in the interim. I also had several mags and a few spare parts but they're all sold now. Every time one comes up I check it out but I've yet to buy another.
  4. I was looking through some old gun papers this morning and found a photo copy I'd made years ago of the Swedish K featured in a 1992 issue of Machine Gun News( who remembers that?). If there's interest I'll scan it and put it on this thread.
  5. I once had a STEN that was listed as a ".22 caliber" when it was in reality a 9mm like all STENS, but when I sold it I just listed the caliber as ".22" to avoid having it come back. I've no idea if a subsequent buyer ever got it changed.
  6. Yes, it seems Martin's business is done, hopefully he just retired, but with no notice or warning it doesn't look good. So unless someone else decides to manufacture these thing we may not see any more for a while.
  7. That is a troubling development for sure. I have four former pre samples that now show to be transferables, I have a buyer for one of them, and while I would certainly refund every penny to the purchaser should this happen, it would cost me s a lot of trouble at least. I'd like to hear of some successful transactions like this happening, but I know we'd all like to have some guidance from NFA Division as to what exactly is going on, and what the future holds for our inventory.
  8. One has been on GB for a while at $43,xxx with no bidders FWIW.
  9. Trusts take much longer, the entire trust document must be examined for accuracy and legality. I got an approved trust form 4 back last week that took 3 1/2 months.
  10. This is most likely going to be the case. A few years ago the most I could get for a really nice all matching MP18i was $15,000. Very historical gun, even the provenance of the soldier who brought it back from Europe. Nobody is interested in those guns to any great extent. My MP40 original gun with all matching numbers except the bolt is one of the "newn transferables" and worth maybe $33,000. But a well worn MP5 original is bringing $50,000 or more.
  11. Well, I've always told my customers to buy what you want, enjoy it, and if it appreciates so much the better. I do admit to them that historically they will make money if they buy and hold long enough, but that is not GUARANTEED! With one stroke of the pen all of these can be wiped out, rendered worthless (or illegal) and it won't be pretty. That is the environment we have all operated under forever. Remember the '68 amnesty? (Well, I don't, even though I turned 20 that year), I had no idea it was available, nor did millions of other Americans, many of which could have benefited had they been aware of it. So yes, this latest ruling seems to have been released in the dead of night with a priviledged few in the know, and the rest of us effectively mushrooms. Enjoy it while you can, buyer beware, and Carpe Diem!
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