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  1. Thanks! I'm going to get the book out and look at the pic of the car and guns at the scene of the ambush. Stand by!
  2. Spot on. Why spend $500 per for an OEM S&W mag when the Suomi mags (with easy sanding/grinding) work perfect. And they are about $39 each.
  3. So guess what! See the pics of my 1928 AOC OEM gun rail. Same bend, right at the 2" mark.
  4. I'm awaiting one from March......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. Gotcha, I'm taking my 1928 AO apart and will look at it today.
  6. I too am confused guys. are these to be bent, or not bent.
  7. Ya, the whole thing kinda sounded odd to me. Especially in this Administration's environment.
  8. Let's see if my $0.02 is even close to correct. The bent one is, well, bent. I didn't spend 5 years in the fourth grade for nothing!
  9. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/1050186630 I bought mine from him a few years ago. Great to do business with, excellent product.
  10. Interesting side note. My family is from Sherman Texas and Bonnie Parker is a distant (and very dead) relative. The book "Go down together" is an excellent recounting of the lives of Bonnie and Clyde. I forgot the name of the lead Texas Ranger that got them, but part of his deal with the Texas Governor was that he got to keep the guns... all of them! What a haul. I wonder where the BAR's are today.
  11. Well said. It was the overreach of the ATF. Congress needs to make that determination.
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