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Please assess this WWI ammo pouch in poor condition

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I believe it to be genuine but I have only seen photos of these and would like some other opinions. I got it because it was relatively cheap and the rarity. It is missing the strap like many of these. It is not easy to read the markings but by darkening the photo it appears to be marked "Progressive" and "April S K." The rest is unclear. What do you think?







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You have a US M1917 shotgun ammunition pouch with the carry strap missing, as you said. Canfield's book, US Combat Shotguns, mentions these but does not say what maker information would be stamped on other than the dates, which would be 1917 or '18. 32 loops were mentioned and that the strap was a problematic way of carrying them. Canfield says that extensive research failed to reveal production quantities, but that the pouches are relatively rare today, especially with the strap present.


I found the photo below online, along with others of a winged logo with the letters OMO. Don't know who that maker was, but that's two known makers right there. There's probably at least a third maker, with the words TENT & AWNING in the stamp, but I couldn't find a clear photo of it.


In the photo, S.C. would be the initials of the US inspector, if normal marking conventions of the time were used.


Example currently up for auction:




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Thank you for the confirmation, TSMGguy! That Rock Island auction example of a pouch is very nice and sold for a whopping $1955!!

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