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  1. I know the soldier on the right is carrying a Thompson and Thompson 30 round mags in a 20-round mag 5 cell pouch. The question is did soldiers carrying the M3 use the same pouch for their mags?
  2. Did you use that case because you had to - no other pouches available? Or because it was better? Or?
  3. Makes me sad to read this as all that knowledge will be lost. Nice! I should go get my eyes checked.
  4. Bridgeport28A1 - more great observation on the photo! Got Uzi - ok thanks! Makes me wonder what else isn’t in the books.
  5. Yes, the mags are more easily withdrawn in the base first position. They also more easily fall out.
  6. Please let me know where I can get more information about the 3-cell pouch in WW2. I guess that I need to get better or more up to date reference material. My information comes from Michael Hedler’s Book - The US M3/m3A1 Submachine Gun - he wrote that there were no pouches specifically made for the M3 during WWII except the D90242 tanker bag and another GP ammo bag where the mags are loose. I also looked at a great article in the 90th Infantry Division Preservation Group magazine Summer 2013 titled “Guide Lamp: The Wartime M3” by Michael Ellis that had the same information. Thanks!
  7. I appreciate the replies. I should have been clearer. I realize the guy on the left in the photo has to have had a Thompson and those are 30 round Thompson mags in the pouch. You guys saw a lot more detail. Seeing this photo made me wonder if, except for the D90242 tanker bag/pouch or using a gas mask bag or GP bag, the guys carrying M3s in WW2 used the Thompson 5 cell? Weren’t the three cell M3 pouches post WW2? I don’t have a real grease gun - maybe in the future - but I dug out four of the mags. When I put my grease gun mags in a Thompson pouch they fit all the way into the pouch and don’t snag on the way out if I pull the lift-the-dot fastener. Of course, the M3 mags in the pouch and hanging out that much are likely to get snagged on brush, branches, etc. but then so are the slightly shorter 30-round Thompsons.
  8. Did a search but couldn’t find an answer. Has anyone seen a photo of a WW2 soldier using this pouch for M3 mags like this one that has Thompson 30 round mags? Thank you.
  9. I didn't expect zero responses on this topic. Could it be the rarity or lack of experience with this model? At any rate, thank you all for looking. Best, John
  10. Thank you for the confirmation, TSMGguy! That Rock Island auction example of a pouch is very nice and sold for a whopping $1955!!
  11. I believe it to be genuine but I have only seen photos of these and would like some other opinions. I got it because it was relatively cheap and the rarity. It is missing the strap like many of these. It is not easy to read the markings but by darkening the photo it appears to be marked "Progressive" and "April S K." The rest is unclear. What do you think?
  12. I apologize if you have seen this on other forums but I am trying to cast a wide net. Got this shotgun some time ago and I think it is the real deal but I'd like people who know what they are looking at to give me their opinions. It cost quite a bit less than what I have seen on auction sites lately because someone (possibly the govt) had cut the barrel. A previous owner put a barrel extension on it to take it back to 23 inches. I was told the bayonet lug/adapter has been with it through several owners and might be original to the gun. The eagle head mark is very difficult to make out. The top wood guard was missing and I have been trying to replace it. Got a repro on there now but the color of the stain is a work in progress. A rear bracket was on there but I am using a repro on it right now. Using Mr. Canfield's book, the serial number is in the " tends to fall in" range - 163,xxx. The US and flaming bomb look good on the correct side of the receiver. There is a hole near the muzzle where the set screw for the bayo lug goes. Mr. Canfield writes that there is supposed to be three transverse grooves for bayo adapter but mine does not have that - I thought that I read somewhere that these don't have the grooves and that is what the set screw was for - to keep the adapter from turning under stress? Can anyone confirm that? The sling swivels look good compared to photos I have seen. Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated. This is the only one that I have ever seen in person. If you need to see more photos please let me know. Best, John
  13. Nice rifle! I've owned several of these over the years and always manage to part with them for one reason or the other. I dont have one at the moment but maybe a rare .25 remington is in my future? I accumulated quite a bit of that ammo.
  14. Got to watch it tonight. It was well done. As people have written, Costner and Harrelson were as advertised. Cars, guns, and scenery were all great too. I was not aware there was such a thing as the bullet proof suit that Mike Hammer wore. Ridiculous looking contraption. It was time well-spent. John
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