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FBI use of Springfield Sporter rifle

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I've been looking into weapons used by the FBI during the "motor bandit" era and discovered that the Bureau obtained a number of Springfield Sporter rifles in the early 30's. They appear to have been used as early "sniper" rifles for precise, long range work.


I've also seen an old inventory document listing serial numbers for rifles located in various FBI Field Offices. I've checked several of the numbers, which appear to correspond to Springfield 1903's, against Springfield Research Service records and so far have not found any listed in the SRS records. A number of the FBI rifles, however, appear to be very close to Springfield Sporters listed in the SRS records.


(Credit to Larry Wack (deceased) for his work combing through FBI historical records)



Here is a picture of a 1935 FBI firearms training class, apparently for rifles, that show agents posing with the Colt monitor rifle and Springfield Sporters



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