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Type 99 LMG Gas Regulator question

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My current Type 99 display gun is minus the regulator. I'd like to either find someone who could fabricate one or do it myself.

1/ Can anyone recommend a source for a spare regulator or fabricate one (doesn't have to function, just be generally correct)

2/ Can anyone provide the dimension and thread pitch for the original regulator? 

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey I know it's been like a year... but did you ever find someone to do this? I could take measurements off my spare barrel's regulator (still waiting for the gun to transfer), the only thing I'm not really confident of is the threads. The Japanese used their own measurement system during world war 2 from my understanding as well. I also only have a pair of calipers so not sure that I could get very accurate measurement of things like thread depth or pitch, etc, but I could try.

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30 minutes ago, StrangeRanger said:

FYI thread pitch gauges, both imperial and metric are readily available at Lowes for less than $5 per set

Could definitely give that a shot. I was thinking the thread dimensions would be in Japanese shakkanho, but the OD is almost exactly 18mm and the thread pitch looks to be about 1mm.

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