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07/02 would love to find a parts kit for a bren already converted to 308 by FN L4 models I believe.. 

Where is a good place to search for these kits?  GB?  Im sure it will take some time to find one   Are these all dried up.  I see some new stock coming at some of the parts kit dealers but all appears to be 303 version which I don't really want to take on a project that big.  I ultimately want 308.  Wish we could still get 303 cheap like the good ol days.  Making these for post sample demos for when I do demo days for LE agencies.  So they have old and new things to try out.  Thanks for any input/direction from those who have seen them or scored one.

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L4 Brens are all from British Commonwealth countries.  The most recent kits were from South Africa, if I recall.  Kits coming in these days are almost totally destroyed.  Barrels will probably only be a few small sections.  I do not know who has any for sale right now.

Bowman Arms has some Italian .30-06 Bren kits for sale.

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