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Kahr Arms M1a1 For Sale

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I have an Auto Ordnance Kahr Arms Semi-Auto M1A1 Thompson for sale. I am the second owner and have not shot this weapon. It looks brand spankin' new. The guy I got it from said he put about 60 rounds through it. I was planning on putting an original barrel on it for reenacting purposes, but I found out in Michigan this is illegal even with ATF approval and licensing. It's that state vs. federal authority thing. Anyway I am going to off this one in favor of an 03A3 or another Garand from the CMP. Asking price is $665.00 including (2) Seymour Products thirty round mags and shipping within the CONUS. Price is negotiable. Must furnish ink signed copy of FFL with money order or cashiers check.



If interested contact me at yinger@wowway.com



Thank you,


John Y.

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